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Cut Away

You know how I like to rape other websites for DC related shite? Well, I've been at it again. This time, it's our old friend Unseen64. Unseen is one of my favourite websites because it documents unreleased games across the whole spectrum of consoles, and it's updated quite regularly. Now, we all know about the unreleased stuff like Castlevania and the cancelled DC ports of Colin McRae Rally 2.0 and Max Payne, but Unseen64 has produced info on a title I've never heard of before:

It's called Cut Away, and whilst the only info they have on this mysterious title is an advertisement, its always interesting to learn of hitherto unknown games for our beloved undead console. From the promotional artwork shown, it appears that Cut Away may have been an FMV adventure in the style of D or Torico, but after a quick snoop around on Google I found this article giving more info about how the game may have played:

"As a third person adventure, the gameplay will unsurprisingly be similar to both Capcom's Resident Evil and Pulse's Undercover. While specifics are still being kept under wraps, it's clear that the story will take place in San Francisco. Plenty of CG movies are promised, as is an intriguing story to keep you on your feet. Speaking of which, bombs have been planted across the city by terrorists. As the hero, it's your job to stop them from causing complete and utter chaos, whatever the cost may be!"

Sounds a little too much like a press release to be truly helpful, but then again it's the only real info I could find on this highly enigmatic piece of vapourware. Curiouser and curiouser...

Gamma Powered!

Back in May last year, I introduced a website called 'Unseen 64,' a cool little place where they post pictures and gameplay details of games that either never saw the light of day, or were changed radically before being released. For some reason hidden deep within the cavernous emptiness of my pre-fabricated heart, details of beta versions and unreleased games captivate me with some kind of morbid fascination, and as such I often check the hallowed pages of Unseen 64 to see if they've added any new Dreamcast screens. And guess what?

They have:

World's Scariest Police Chases: Deadly Pursuit
Played the PSX version to death with my flatmates when I was at University, and it was a pretty decent craic. Especially after several litres of Lidl cider and a couple of tokes on the bong. The unreleased DC version looks like it could've kicked it's ass though - the graphics are way better:

Thunderboats appears to be an arcade style speedboat racer very much in the vein of Hydro Thunder. Indeed, if you view the promo video, I'm almost certain you can hear the 'engine power down' sound effect used in Midway's blistering racer...

Eventually released on the Xbox, Galleon was intended for an earlier Dreamcast launch and in it's original form probably would have garnered the recognition it deserved. As it is, it's just an also-ran Xbox game clogging up bargain bins around the country:

PBA Bowling 2001
Bowling. The real life game, for me, is just a tiresome way of interrupting a good drinking session so why anyone would want to actually play a computerised version is beyond me. Maybe the developers had the same thoughts and duly pulled the plug on PBA Bowling. Grapics look alright though...

Picassio is one of the most enigmatic and simultaneously interesting games that was promised but never arrived on the Dreamcast. You were meant to play a sort of lycra-clad cat burglar who broke into museums and stately homes etc to pinch priceless works of art. A bit like Hudson Hawk, only good. Here's a (slightly grainy) video taken from Unseen 64's YouTube page:

Beta Overload

Long time readers and visitors to the 'Yard may, quite possibly, remember a post I knocked up some time ago that introduced a site called X-Cult. If not, go here now.

Had a look? Good.

Now you're up to speed, I'll crack on. Whilst perusing the net, which is something I've gotten quite good at in recent decades, I found another interesting little site that sort of does the same as X-Cult - reveals details of cancelled games for a multitude of formats...including our beloved Dreamcast. Before you groan, listen up: Unseen64 features pictures and screens of a few forgotten gems that would have been a credit to the DC had they been released, and even grabs of a few games I've never actually heard of...

Take the Bullet


Shrapnel: Urban Warfare 2025

Spiral Nightmare Type X

Jump Runner


Boarder Zone

Innocent Tears
Ecco 2: Sentinels of the Universe

Dark Angel

Gorka Morka


Of course, this little collection is just the tip of the iceberg - there's even more beta action at the actual site, and that includes some rather interesting shots of an early Metropolis Street Racer and a massive Shenmue archive. Granted, explanations of the titles shown are either non existent or written in Italian (which is fine if you can read Italian...which I can't) so you have to make assumptions about how some of the games may have played by sight alone. Still, very cool, if that's yer bag.