Well hello there! It seems like ages since the last post....well, four whole days - and four days is a long time when Peter Crouch keeps dancing like Clockwork Knight. It'd also help if Blogger wasn't constantly 'down,' or would occasionally let you post a picture without making you wait...well four days, actually. But you can't have it all can you.

Can you?!?!

No, you bloody well can't. But YOU, Dreamcast owning super-being, yes YOU, can have something (nearly) just as good! What? Why 3 new Dreamcast reviews of course!

And here, for your perusal, are they:

Spirit of Speed 1937! F1 Racing, old skool style. Think Jackie Stewart/Stirling Moss an' shit. Only nowhere near as good. More like Sly Stallone in Driven.

Re-Volt! remote control car 'em up, ported from the Ultra 64 Interactive Multimedia System (or something) and given a lick of strato-resolution, super shiny emulsion.

Sega Extreme Sports!
I only mentioned this one recently, and now I'm mentioning it again because it's pretty decent. Apart from the hang-gliding. Think Pilot Wings without any playability whatsoever.

"Monsuier, with these superb reviews you are spoiling us!" I hear you screech. But please, think nothing of it.

Elsewhere, two new Dreamcast related items entered the Junkyard's cavernous and fully automated vault this weekend. Unfortunatley, it wasn't the shipment of pure kryptonite I got off eBay for £3, but I'll wait a few more days before I serve ebay seller 'ZOD159' with the Paypal complaint form. Ahem.

No, the new arrivals are as follows:

Dreamography 2 - May to December 2000 VHS
This VHS tape was availible for free to any herbert that wanted one from Electronics Boutique (RIP). It features footage of the period's biggest releases and has some blurb on the back about Chu-Chu Rocket, and also makes the cardinal sin of having MSR written as M-SR. A truly hideous useage of the hyphon that should never be repeated.

DC-UK Magazine Promotional VHS
For those not in the know, DC-UK was the ingeniously titled magazine from Future Publishing that promised the Earth, delivered it in part and then vanished without a trace leaving the shipment half complete. This VHS is quite similar to the Dreamography one in that it features a load of in-game footage with a shite soundtrack over the top. It came free with Issue 1 and features the word 'schmooze' on the cardboard sleeve.

Good eh? SCHMOOZE!


gnome said...

Amazing post,and glad to see Blooger stopped being the sick bastard it used to be (at least towards you)...

Tom Charnock said...

Thanks Gnome - Blogger hasn't stopped being a bastard though! I got around the pictures problem by loading them into an existing post (it lets you do it for some reason - just not new posts!), and then copying the picture's HTML into the new post window. Viola!

Animated AF said...

I have that first video and used to have that 2ndone, don't know what I did with it tough. I posted YouTube rips of all the DC promo videos I have at Sega Freaks, for those who missed it (btw, new post there recently)

Quick unrelated question: What font did you use for the top banner of the blog?

Tom Charnock said...

Can't remember mate - I'll have a look later. But stay tuned for a new, more streamlined Junkyard that LOADS IN EVERY BROWSER!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOO!

Daravuth KEU said...

hey guy!! now ur site seems to work properly with both IE and Firefox ...doesn't it?

Tom Charnock said...

yeah - a bit. It seems to load fully on some PCs with Firefox, but various things are a bit inconsistent (eg, the main banner doesnt load or the background image doesnt etc). In Explorer the side bar loads halfway down the screen etc etc! But I'm sick of moaning about it! NO MORE!