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Fideo Friday! #1

From now on, every Friday, I'm gonna post one of the hundreds of great videos you can find related to the Dreamcast on YouTube! This week's entry comes from 'Geekgirl26' and is quite possibly the best case of Dreamcast advertising that Sega never did! You KNOW the Dreamcast is the only place you can get better graphics, and better PLOTS!


Oh wait..embedding has been disabled for this video. Shit. Oh well, here's a link instead.

Moving on...the EMBEDDED VIDEO for this week is this fantastic fan trailer from the stupendous benstylus (who has tons of Dreamcast game play footage on his account, by he way). The beautiful Shining Force music and slick editing makes this well worth a watch. Can't wait to see what this project is. Maybe he's gonna get Sega execs at gunpoint and force them to sign a 'MAKE THE DREAMCAST 2 HAPPEN' contract. Whatever it turns out tobe, the trailer is very nostalgic and almost tear-jerking.


fatherkrishna said...

Bloody hell Gagaman(n)! You're on fire at the moment! Great to see new posts being cranked out in quick succession! Love Fideo Friday and look forward to more...

Now if we could only get Caleb on board, the DCJY could rule the world...

Animated AF said...

If I had admin controls I would get Caleb unto the team in a shot, if he wanted to of course *hinthinttom!*

Caleb said...

"Curbing is Wrong"


This video is beyond kick ass!

"Underwater basket weaving"

They CURBED Mario! Holy Shit. Sonic Freaking CURBED Mario!!!!!

I saw this video on Youtube and didn't watch it because I was running late. Good catch Gagaman(n)!!!!!

So inpsiring.