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Another Game using the Fishing Controller!

Despite not being able to read most of it, Sega Support Site is a very handy resource site with a lot of screen shots of unusual Japanese Dreamcast games (including the dodgy hentai games, so this site isn't completely work safe) and all sorts of other bits and bobs. On my weekly trek of anything with the keyword "Dreamcast" on Youtube I discovered this video that links back to the website, a video of yet another game being played with the fishing controller! Can you guess what other game could possibly use the motion sensing of the Fishing controller? How about the little known Japanese fighter Psychic Force 2012? Yeah, bet you didn't see that coming! To be honest, neither did I, so as soon as I saw the video I went to give it a shot for myself.

Going straight into the game won't give you any results though; you have to tinker a bit with the control settings first. All you have to do is Set the L Trigger to "Light Attack" and the R Trigger to "Strong Attack" and you're all set! Seeing as the motion sensors in the fisher replace those buttons, it makes perfect sense really.

So how does it work? Well, it's not in par with Soul Calibur and Virtua Tennis, that's for sure. In fact, where those games almost felt like proper Wii games (though not quite), this feels more like one of those lazy PS2 ports with rubbish "waggle" controls slapped on. Nothing that you do really translates into the game properly, and it doesn't seem to make a difference which direction you shake the thing, they'll always do the same attacks (of which they're not many in this game anyway). Just about the most satisfaction you'll get from this is swinging to throw projectiles. So I wouldn't exactly go out of my way to buy this game just for the motion controls if I were you, but it's interesting to see another game working none the less.

(Oh yeah, and on the front page of Sega Support Site at the moment is a hell nice Chu Chu Rocket port for the...Mega Drive! Yeah, I'm not kidding! Download the demo ROM and stick it through Gens. Also, here's a link to the website for the new follow up to Dynamite Cop that has just been released in Japanese arcades. Just because.)

Fideo Friday: Caleb's Collection!

Still not much to report when it comes to interesting Dreamcast videos on-line recently. However, this week we have two videos from us to show you! The first is Caleb showing off his Dreamcast Collection, which he posted at his blog last week! It's bloody funny, I might add.

As this video clearly shows: Caleb has a life and has his games dumped in boxes while I spend far too much time keeping mine all presentable and shite, because I'm a sad git! At least we have one thing in common: we both have len's caps that won't stay still and wiggle at the bottom of the screen a lot!

Fideo Friday! #4

I only went and completely missed last Friday's weekly video didn't I! Oh well, here's this weeks one, of a pair of puppet Godzillas playing Mortal Kombat Gold or something. I dunno, I'm starting to run out of content that isn't game play footage now, but this is bloody funny, with great voices. Wouldn't it of been great if there was a limited edition Godzilla Dreamcast that says "Dreeeeamcast" like that puppet does in this video? No? Oh, it's just me then.

I've been pretty busy recently mucking around with TV's and junk, and haven't gotten around to writing the articles I have planned, including one of my trip to Canterbury earlier this week where I picked up six games from their brand new Gamestation. I'll come back to you on the other stuff I've been er...wait.

Fideo Fri..oh shit..SATURDAY! #4

Oops, I completely forgot about this week's video yesterday, so here's one a day later! Just pretend it's Friday, you've just got back from work, and Have I Got News for You will be on in a few hours.

This week's video is a pretty in-depth, somewhat amazing documentary on Soul Calibur called "The Legend Will never Die!" starring a group of stoner's who mumble about the Zen quality of the game while their girlfriends moan about not getting boned often enough. This one's a lengthy piece, a whole ten minutes, but it's well worth your time, trust me (or don't, you might find it to be a complete waste of time, but then that'll because you just WASN'T THERE.)

Fideo Friday! #3

This week's video I literally just found a few minutes ago and is a daft parody of the bloody brilliant RPG Skies of Arcadia, complete with a guy with a chunk off of a Dreamcast controller for an eye patch and a bloke wearing a ginger ponytail wig and what looks like a yellow bin bag fighting...pillows? If you've never played the game (what, not even that huge demo they did with the official magazine once?) this will probably go staight over your head, so play it already!

You may of also noticed I've been tinkering slightly here and there with the blog, what with my new admin abilities. The links section as been revamped and updated, along with a (soon to expand) collection of tab links. I've even taken my old Dreamcast related articles from the long-dead blog of mine Sega Freaks and have squeezed them into the archives here! Mwa ha ha.

Fideo Friday! #2

This week we have 'The Real Shenmue', a video posted by AndriaSang in which we get to see the real Yokosuka! You know, the little town you walked around in Shenmue? Yes, two guys actually flew all the way there just to see how much like the game it was. Some would call that sad, I would call it dedication to the undead console (well, actually, this was filmed in 2001, at which point it wasn't dead at all yet but er...shut up!)! Unfortunately, there is no arcade featuring the Hang On cabinet, and no capsule machines full of Sega toys, but you do get to see the harbour where you cold look for sailors FOR REAL, and also Dobutia Street which even has Tom's stand (which is closed)! Of course the game was set in 1986 (although that doesn't explain how Ryo had a Sega Saturn in his house) so a few things have changed since then, but still, wonder if the old git hat always tells you he's very busy, then sits down to feed the pigeons is still alive and well?

Fideo Friday! #1

From now on, every Friday, I'm gonna post one of the hundreds of great videos you can find related to the Dreamcast on YouTube! This week's entry comes from 'Geekgirl26' and is quite possibly the best case of Dreamcast advertising that Sega never did! You KNOW the Dreamcast is the only place you can get better graphics, and better PLOTS!


Oh wait..embedding has been disabled for this video. Shit. Oh well, here's a link instead.

Moving on...the EMBEDDED VIDEO for this week is this fantastic fan trailer from the stupendous benstylus (who has tons of Dreamcast game play footage on his account, by he way). The beautiful Shining Force music and slick editing makes this well worth a watch. Can't wait to see what this project is. Maybe he's gonna get Sega execs at gunpoint and force them to sign a 'MAKE THE DREAMCAST 2 HAPPEN' contract. Whatever it turns out tobe, the trailer is very nostalgic and almost tear-jerking.