Fideo Friday! #4

I only went and completely missed last Friday's weekly video didn't I! Oh well, here's this weeks one, of a pair of puppet Godzillas playing Mortal Kombat Gold or something. I dunno, I'm starting to run out of content that isn't game play footage now, but this is bloody funny, with great voices. Wouldn't it of been great if there was a limited edition Godzilla Dreamcast that says "Dreeeeamcast" like that puppet does in this video? No? Oh, it's just me then.

I've been pretty busy recently mucking around with TV's and junk, and haven't gotten around to writing the articles I have planned, including one of my trip to Canterbury earlier this week where I picked up six games from their brand new Gamestation. I'll come back to you on the other stuff I've been er...wait.

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Unknown said...

LMAO! That was great.