New Scummvm out! And the adventure gamers rejoice.

Let me first say that it is an honor and a privilege to be posting on the Dreamcast Junkyard. I had wanted my first post to be the video of my collection but that was not meant to be. I will be posting that as soon as it’s edited…

However, there IS new Dreamcast news out that I felt was “blog-able” for the Junkyard, a bit on the technical / old school PC gamer style though…

It’s a great day for fans of “point and click” adventure games and the Dreamcast:

The new the version of ScummVm is out!

(The Dreamcast version is towards the bottom of the list next to the Dreamcast Swirl)

This nifty little program allows the user to play a number of older PC titles on bunch of different systems. The only drawback is that you need the original game files for it to work. (For the lazy blogger who just wants something to download for their Dreamcast there is a newly released full version ScummVM game download link at the bottom of this – feel free to skip the rest)
With the new program out you can simply boot up your Dreamcast with a copy of ScummVM and then CD swap for the original game. Or you can be fancy and put the game files on the same CD. Either way you still NEED the original game files to play the game. However, most of these games are cheap and easy to get. Some of them even appear on abandonware game sites frequently (abandonware games no longer have copyright protection and thus free and legal to download).

Here is the new updated list of old school games you can play on your Dreamcast:

Maniac Mansion
Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
The Secret of Monkey Island
Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
Day of the Tentacle
Sam & Max Hit the Road
Full Throttle

AGI Games by Sierra:
The Black Cauldron
Gold Rush!
King's Quest I
King's Quest II
King's Quest III
King's Quest IV
Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the
Lounge Lizards
Mixed-Up Mother Goose
Manhunter 1: New York
Manhunter 2: San Francisco
Police Quest I: In Pursuit of the Death
Space Quest I: The Sarien Encounter
Space Quest II: Vohaul's Revenge
Fanmade Games (Any made with AGI)

AGOS Games by Adventuresoft / Horrorsoft:
Elvira - Mistress of the Dark
Elvira II - The Jaws of Cerberus
Simon the Sorcerer 1
Simon the Sorcerer 2
Simon the Sorcerer's Puzzle Pack
- Demon In My Pocket
Simon the Sorcerer's Puzzle Pack
- Jumble
Simon the Sorcerer's Puzzle Pack
- NoPatience
Simon the Sorcerer's Puzzle Pack
- Swampy Adventures
The Feeble Files

GOB Games by Cocktel Vision:
Bargon Attack
Gobliins 2
Goblins 3
Ween: The Prophecy

Other Games:
Beneath a Steel Sky
Broken Sword 1: The Shadow of the Templars
Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror
Flight of the Amazon Queen
Future Wars
Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb
Nippon Safes Inc.
The Legend of Kyrandia
Touche: The Adventures of the Fifth
To burn a bootable disk you simply need to use the Bootdreams program to create a .cdi from a folder containing the plain files of ScummVM and then use Bootdreams again to burn that .cdi into a disk the Dreamcast can boot up. You can either add the game files into the ScummVM folder before you burn it or if you have the original game CD you can simply "swap" CDs once ScummVM boots up.

For those of you that had no idea what the hell the previous paragraph said (or for those of you that do not have any of the game files listed above) you can use the following link to get started with the newly released “Flight of the Amazon Queen” game. It already has ScummVM, just burn it and pop it into your Dreamcast!

Download the game and burn it using Bootdreams or the demo version of Padus Diskjuggler. DC Evolution has guides for burning with Diskjuggler (same spot you downloaded the game from).

Remember to use a decent quality CD-R and burn at very low speeds.

The DC Evolution site seems to be having a bit of trouble with their main page at the moment but go visit them when everything is in order to get more free games for the Dreamcast. Including the beat ‘em up Crisis Evil game.

All hail the undead console. All hail the Dreamcast!


Animated AF said...

Gobliins 2? Brilliant! I have fond memories of playing that on the Amiga. Unfortunately I never owned a PC back in the good old days, so I never got my hands on the likes of Sam & Max. Dcevolution also have a great ScummVM disc that features demos of most of those games.

fatherkrishna said...

Great post Caleb! I knew your technical knowledge would be welcome around these parts...

Sam & Max! I keep hearing great things about it from Gnome.

Monkey Island too... I'm gonna check this lot out!

NebachadnezzaR said...

Let me see, from the games on that list i've played the monkey islands, beneath a steel sky, flight of the amazon queen and broken sword 1 (i want to play the 2nd someday). Yes, i'm quite a fan of adventure games, although i haven't played any of the kind in the last few years.

I guess the older i get, the less patience i have, so i end up playing more action driven games.

Anyway, good post. Good to see you here :)

Anonymous said...

how well does this work because ive been debating ove whether its worth the cd or not. A person at underground gamer was saying that the sound was screwy is it?

Tom Charnock said...

great first post Caleb, great to see you here!

gnome said...

Great post Caleb.

Let me remind everyone that excellent ScummVM compatible games like Beneath a Steel Sky and Leather Goddesses of Phobos have been released as freeware.

Oh, and most of the older Lucasaarts demos should run without trouble...

Unknown said...

sweet! now if they could only do that with a current gen console I have...

Seems the dreamcast will never stop with its surprises.... ..

Caleb said...

You can still do it on a PC.

Anonymous said...

Nice article and thanks a lot for linking - we love you guys too. :)

Digi Games said...
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