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Dreamcast Collections To Die For, as seen on Sega's Flickr

As you may or may not have seen (it was recently linked to at UK:R) Sega now has an official Flickr account where they store everything that fans have submitted to them. Amongst all the collections of Sonic stuff, dodgy Photoshop jobs and creepy costumes are the odd pictures of some nuts collectors huge arse Dreamcast collections that will make you piss yourself. Examples!

This Casper Egas guy has with room filling lump of blue-cased British games, possibly every single one they released. Gulp! Mind you, I can see "Beat of rage" in a blue case there, and that's a homebrew game so er...I'm slightly suspicious. Still, very impressive if owning everything is your thing (I'd rather just own the games that didn't suck, myself).

While there was only about 250 (only?) games released in Europe, no one really knows how many japan got, but it has been estimated at around 600. Now I doubt anyone out there owns all of these, Stefano Biancuzzi is certainly getting there with this lot! Unfortunately it's impossible to see what any of these games are, but I'm guessing those ones in DVD cases on the end are the likes of Under Defeat, Trigger Heart Exthingymajig and SegaGaga. Git. Soeaking of which, how come so many people on that site have the SegaGaga box set? Bastards with their money!

They still have the photos I sent to them some while ago, too, which is nice. It's pretty out of date, though!

Now if only the Post Office will stop having a pissing Strike, I have a lot of stuff in the mail from Ebay I'm waiting for here! Oh, and another Rummage video will hopefully be up later tonight!


Caleb said...


I just got a huge case to put some of my Dreamcast stuff in so my collection looked better.

...now you show me this???


My second hand collection has a ways to go...

...I bet I have more fishing rods than him though!!!!

...And VMUs I have like 15 VMUs now!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice stuff you show there.
I'll stay tunned to watch you latest rummage! =)

fatherkrishna said...

Just when you think you've got a big one, someone whips a bigger (and more tidy one)out, and you feel all inadequate again...

Is there such thing as Dreamcast Envy?

Animated AF said...

The best way to get over it is to say to yourself that they probably never have time to play most of those games, and quite a few of them are probably shit anyway XD

Who could possibly love Ducati World?