It doesn't get much more hardcore than this.

You've seen the Dreamcast as art, you've seen the Dreamcast as a PC, you've seen the Dreamcast as an amp, but have you seen a Dreamcast guitar before?

Well retro gamer artist Flooky over at the Destructoid blogs has built exactly that, in her own words her "dream guitar". It combines the console and a controller, with the volume and tone dials replacing the open and power buttons. She even burnt herself in the week long process from the soldering! Now that's dedication! Here's a close up:

We knew the Dreamcast rocked, but this one really can rock!
(Thanks to DCEmu Forums for picking up on this!)

UPDATE: Destructoid have interviewed Flooky about her Dreamcast Guitar, which you can read HERE. It appaers that the Dreamcast was broken, so she simply breathed new life into it! There's also more photos of it there.


Anonymous said...

Hey there Gagaman! I've been reading your blog these last 2 months, and I must say it really does have good information! You come up with cool subjects and showing us your hard work with great news an curiosities about the Dreamcast.
I got a stupid question but here goes: Gagaman = caleb? Are these the some person?

About your post, cool stuff ya show there =)

Caleb said...


Yes I am really an Artistic British person!

It all makes sense now!!!!!!

Yeah Treamcaster if you had seen some of the videos posted here (or looked at the profiles) you will note that the Gagaman and myself are VERY different people from two different countries even.

Caleb - America

Gagamann - England.

Not the same.

Why the hell did you think we were the same person?

Caleb said...

And that Guitar is f'ing hardcore!

I fixed my Dreamcast so I can't make one...:{

Caleb said...

And I imagine that it would sound more like a sitar than a guitar.

Which would still be cool.

NebachadnezzaR said...

Awesome work, but not that original. Ever heard of megadriver?

Anonymous said...

Lol, I understand now! =)
Well, both of you guys write cool, which is good for me to read, cause I am still learning english. And as I am not very experienced with blogs, I had an ideia, but didn't thought this blog could be shared by more than one person.

Tom Charnock said...

It isn't - I'm actually Caleb, Gagaman and FatherKrishna...Or am I?

fatherkrishna said...

You're me? Then who am I?