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Segagaga Translation Project Resumes!

A long while back, a group of english speaking SEGA fans made it their mission to translate the Dreamcast cult classic Segagaga. During the past year and a half, the project slowed to a near halt. Thankfully, things seem to be speeding up again as the Segagaga Translation Blog has returned with new posts and an update on the project! Check out their blog for all the details, and make sure to wish them luck!

I can't wait to see the finished product.

Check it out: Segagaga Translation Blog

X-box Live arcade gets some updated Dreamcast goodness.

See that picture?

The cat represents the X-box 360.

The corn represents Dreamcast games like Rez and Ikaruga.

As you can see the X-box 360 is really enjoying the Dreamcast goodness. And I am sure gamers will too.

...Ok fine. I just wanted an excuse to post that .gif. But really a HD edition of Rez and an updated version of Ikaruga are being released on X-box Live. Rejoice.

-Articles linked from Kotaku.

EDIT: Racketboy has a much better article up about this that I somehow missed before. Go. Read. It.

Btw: One of these games (Rez) was mentioned in an article that Gagaman(n) wrote awhile back. Of course he said it should be remade for the Wii, not the 360. Still I think 1/2 points should be awarded.

It doesn't get much more hardcore than this.

You've seen the Dreamcast as art, you've seen the Dreamcast as a PC, you've seen the Dreamcast as an amp, but have you seen a Dreamcast guitar before?

Well retro gamer artist Flooky over at the Destructoid blogs has built exactly that, in her own words her "dream guitar". It combines the console and a controller, with the volume and tone dials replacing the open and power buttons. She even burnt herself in the week long process from the soldering! Now that's dedication! Here's a close up:

We knew the Dreamcast rocked, but this one really can rock!
(Thanks to DCEmu Forums for picking up on this!)

UPDATE: Destructoid have interviewed Flooky about her Dreamcast Guitar, which you can read HERE. It appaers that the Dreamcast was broken, so she simply breathed new life into it! There's also more photos of it there.