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Back and forth! The New Dreamcast trademark! What does it all mean? Nothing?!!?!?!

From: GameDaily

"SEGA has no plans to get back into the hardware business, but we also want to protect our past and current brands. The trademark application was filed to protect our current and potential future use of the word DREAMCAST and to prevent other parties from using it in a way that could be confused or linked with SEGA," Sega of America PR Director Charlie Scibetta.

Hmm. Well I have personally seen a bunch variations of "Dream Gear" plug and play games on the market in the past and recently that look a hell of a lot like Dreamcast controllers. So I guess protecting the good Sega Hardware name makes sense.

And I suppose if Sega is going to release more Dreamcast titles on the current gen consoles via digital distribution it might spark another round of CYA (cover your assets). It might be cool to have "Dreamcast Brand" digital downloadable games.

...if I had a newer console anyways.

I feel bad that I will not be able to own a Dreamcast 2. Ah well, my North America Dreamcast game collection is not complete yet. And maybe one day I will be able to download some games on another console.


Unknown said...

Well the joke was made that Sega's new system would be powered by the tears of Sega fans. Maybe Sega needs us to shed tears so they're teasing us.

Caleb said...

"Well the joke was made that Sega's new system would be powered by the tears of Sega fans. Maybe Sega needs us to shed tears so they're teasing us."

When I said that I thought it would be funny.

Now with Sega in the mind/biofeedback videogame control business that statement might end up to be prophetic.


fatherkrishna said...

I didn't get my hopes up, I knew Sega would dash them. Still it was exciting to dream for a while wasn't it!

Anonymous said...

actually, I really wouldn't like it if Sega released downloadable Dreamcast games.

NebachadnezzaR said...

With Xbox originals on Xbox Live, who knows, maybe "Dreamcast classics" will be the next step.

Anyway, if Sega will ever return to the hardware market, I hope they start making good games again first. There's no point in making a Dreamcast 2 if they can't make games as good as the original Dreamcast ones.

Animated AF said...

I doubt Sega would call a new console 'Dreamcast 2' anyway, they're far more original than that! And before you say it the Master System II doesn't count because that was just a new model of the same console! =P

Anonymous said...

realistically Sega sucks! we must all admit it Sega as we knew it died in 2001 with the departure and death of the people who had created to its glory. I really believe they are going to stick to software only. If they did develop a system powered by the tears of Sega fans, it would have a processor more powerful than the one in the PS3, better video card than on the 360 and it would be a lot nicer looking than the DC and there would still be tears left over!

Anonymous said...

Well, in my opinion, they don't have so many choices. Let's face this economically... Saturn was a failure. Dreamcast couldn't save them neither because of all the ingratefull people that bought a f***ing PlayStation just because it was Sony and there was Sony ads everywhere saying PS was beautifull!!!
Now, Sega doesn't sell hardware because they left this category, they don't sell games, i don't even know why... So they have two choices:

1- They make a new hardware, re-create Nintendo/Sega leading duo and says as a revenge "Sony F*CK OFF!!!


2- They close there shops, entreprise, and go home crying because they didn't had the nerves to handle anything...

What i mean is that, since Saturn that they are loosing everything and they don't even TRY to handle it!!! So, we are always complaining but you ALL should do what I did... I send e-emails to them asking and asking and asking again. Me alone, it won't work but who knows if 1.000.000 or more mails won't make them change their minds??? If they didn't already...........

Animated AF said...

Sega didn't try after the Saturn? Sega worked their guts off with the Dreamcast, they really put all they financially could into that system, but their losses on previous work including the money pit that was Shenmue (which made no where near the money it cost to make), and people pirating Dreamcast games meant they had no choice but to bail out of hardware production. They had to adapt to survive otherwise they would of been bankrupt in time. As much as it pains us fans of their consoles, it was a wise move on Sega's part to move into the multi platform business.