The Magic of Seaman, captured on film.

One of the true gems in the Dreamcast's library and possibly the oddest virtual pet sim you'll ever play, Seaman is not so much a game you play as it is an experience you er...experience. Because the game involves talking through a little green microphone to your mutated fish, ripping footage of the game simply isn't enough to capture what makes this game so special, and it's also difficult to predict just when the game will surprise you with something new.

While I would just recommended buying the game and playing it for yourself, if you're not afraid of being spoiled on some of the events along the way, or have already played the game, there is a great series of videos on Youtube by New Gen Gamers, where you will see the game from when the babies have hatched, up until the point that the fish start to talk well and ask you questions. Have a lookie below for the dull tank dull of miserable crabby fish that will make your life complete.


fatherkrishna said...

Ah the memories! Seaman is a MUST for any Dreamcast enthusiast. Not only is the 'game' surreal and beguiling, but it's a testimony to the innovation of the Dreamcast.

Excellent find(s) Gagaman(n)

Caleb said...

"I eat you next..."

Did I hear that right???


Andrew said...

"so go take a cold shower"


I miss this one