Law56kers NXdoom Collection - Homebrew Collection

Do you like the Dreamcast?

Do you like Doom?

Do you wish there was a way you could play well over 100 modifications of Doom on your Dreamcast?

Well the future is now.

Law56kers has released a HUGE 2 disk collection of practically every Doom modification that will work on the Dreamcast with Nxdoom. All you need is the original Ultimate Doom and Doom 2 .wad files.

So, if you happen to want to shoot some Nazis in Outerspace...

Or go insane with Doom cranked up with Doom 2 Extreme.

Or if you happen to feel like going nuts on some Nintendo characters...Nobody is gonna judge you...

This collection is pretty sweet for anyone who is a fan of Doom. I know I am going to have some fun just going through the lists and seeing what each of the mods looks like. Half Life Doom? Zombie Doom? Duke Nuken Doom? Star Wars Doom? Half the fun is just seeing what the insane Doom modders community have put together.

Big thanks to Law56kers for putting this collection together.

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fatherkrishna said...

I've never played Doom, but I love the creativity of the modding community!

Great stuff Caleb!

NebachadnezzaR said...

I've actually played more Doom on my Dreamcast that in any other platform, thanks to the great ports by the homebrew community.

Animated AF said...

Sounds great, I'll defiantly be giving this a shot (pun not intended). Now if only I could get the file to burn properly, I've wasted two CD-Rs so far..

Caleb said...


I could NOT get the first CD to work at all. Eventually I just moved some of the files out of the Doom folder to make it smaller before I ran bootdreams on it and it worked fine.

The second CD worked fine. I had to rename my ultimate doom .wad to doomu.wad. (I have the CD collection version). In any case that worked fine.

Also note:

NXdoom takes a long time to boot up the mods.

THe music stinks. Just go into the options to turn down the music to about half-way. Then just play your own music over it.

You can also make custom music tracks as well.

Tom Charnock said...

I'm a massive DOOM fan, so I've already got all of the games on my PC - but being able to play it on the DC sounds pretty cool, even if it seems like a bit of a protracted process in order to get it working. Still, that Nintendo mod looks sweet. Nice post fella!

Animated AF said...

Yeah I got the 2nd disc working, will try out that same technique for the first you did Caleb. Looks like all the awesome mods shown in those videos are on the first disc as it is anyhow.

Caleb said...

Doom 2 eXtreme on the Dreamcast is kick ass.

Turn down the in game music. Put some metal on your radio and mow down some demons!!!!

Nikita Soni said...
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