Some more Dreamcast goodness.

This should help get you out of the depression brought on by Gamestation's retro betrayal.

Not only do we have remakes on other systems to look forward to, (as Gagaman(n) just mentioned) we also have the hardware modding community hard at work making awesome Dreamcast stuff!

Look at what this person made!

And no your eyes do not deceive you! if you look carefully at the first video part of this contraption is running off a normal Dreamcast!!!! Only the controllers and AV connectors seem to be modified!

I was really considering making a Dreamcast cabinet before this... Now I know I gotta go for a custom Dual Screen!


fatherkrishna said...

Very nice! Dreamcast arcade cabs!
I couldn't get any sound on the videos though..?

NebachadnezzaR said...

Dreamcast arcade cabinets. Awesome!

Tom Charnock said...

That's some pretty impressive carpentry end electronic engineering - shame the cretin can't use a video camera properly. Nice find, Caleb!

Ross said...

You guys are lucky to even have had stores carry retro games this long. Our crappy Gamestops were on a retro-hating spree for awhile now. The only upside to it was picking up used Dreamcast titles for 75% off - of course, 75% of the titles found were NFL 2K-2K2, but still, there were a few gems to be had.