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Caleb, you're starting a craze!

Kicked out of school for trying to run a Dreamcast on one their projectors, only to take over a Lan club with them instead, pulling everyone away from their Call of Duty to play some House of the Dead and Capcom Vs SNK. Wouldn't it be nice if public Dreamcast gaming became something of a global phenomenon? :P


Anonymous said...

If only man..if only. Too bad there are more douchebags who hardly know anything about gaming than there are people who play certain games for what they are and the fun they have with them. You know what I'm talking about I'm sure.

CantStrafeRight said...

Caleb has started something.
I hooked my dreamcast up to my very old projector on Friday night


Animated AF said...

Nice one CantStrafeRight!

IhaveaDreamcast have also been Dreamcast gaming with a projector. I wish I had room for one now.

Caleb said...



I am glad we can all dust off the off-white box and have some fun with others.

Sadly I think the Dreamcast was one of the last consoles where you just put in a game and have fun with no complicated BS.

Caleb said...

My Dream is to have a Movie Theater or Drive in setup to play Dreamcast games...

...that is my dream.

nick944 said...

I was able to get interest in the Dreamcast at my school ;) Brought my Treamcast for after finals, teacher said sure why not. Ended up with most the class in a Quake 3 tournament XD