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VG Chartz rates the top 10 Dreamcast Games.


You will notice that they included both the American Dreamcast and European Dreamcast controller in the graphic for this article. Classy. It's the little touches that really do it you know.

The list itself is not really that surprising.

However, I was pleased to see that Resident Evil Code Veronica was at the top.

As the very first Dreamcast game I ever played and beat RE CV holds a special place in my heart of hearts. Actually utilizing the Dreamcast VMU for something other than memory was fun (it displayed your current health). I felt that this was the best control-wise of all the classic Resident Evil games.

With all the remakes of this game (That actually added very little to the game) and the more recognizable titles in the Dreamcast lineup it's good to see this title get some respect.

I actually bought the limited edition of this game but I have not tried to play it yet. The CD art and cool red cover are marvelous looking.


Animated AF said...

Eh, other than having 3D backgrounds nothing about Code Veronica seemed all that different to previous games in the Resident Evil series, which I could never really get into, but each to their own, I can see why people like it.

Anonymous said...

Crazy Taxi is fun and all but why the hell #2? Seriously

Tom Charnock said...

Nice find Caleb, although I'm a little surprised that neither Spirit of Speed 1937 or Sarge's Heroes made the short list.

Seriously though, I don't really agree with that run-down. Surely there must be a place for LeMans 24hrs in any DC top ten - likewise Rez and Outtrigger. Come to think of it, there are just way too many AAA DC titles to even contemplate creating a definitive DC top ten. Top twenty at the very least...

マーティン said...

No Rez? >_>

I agree that REC:V should be near to or at the top though, it fights with Shenmue in my opinion.

I think we should do a top 20, but listed alphabetically. There are too many good games to list any other way in my opinion, other than maybe; release date.

Animated AF said...

Charts are so predictable, but I was planning on doing something special for when 9.9.09 comes along..a huge scale voting poll for the top 100 Dreamcast games, with the ability to vote for any of every single game released, with the results on that anniversary. What do you guys think? This way we could have a ultimate list of sorts, based on not just one opinion but everyone's! :)

Tom Charnock said...

Sounds like a top idea, GM. Make it so!

Davecaster said...

Do it GagaMan(N)! I shall enjoy voting.

I thought that this top 10 was good. My two favourites Skies and RE:CV were both in there so I'm happy. Of the DC titles I own, I would have also include Sega GT in my top 10.

Caleb said...

I thing whoever made this list never got to experience the greatness that is Rez.

Barry the Nomad said...

Decent list, thought I feel I've seen this same list dozens of times already. Phantasy Star Online and Rez should have replaced Sonic Adventure 2 and RE:CV.

@The GagaMan(n)
Your 100 games poll sounds awesome! I am still formulating what I'm going to do. My gf knows a dude at her workplace who is as big a Dreamcast nut as I am. He's throwing a gaming party complete with a Dreamcast costume contest. I haven't met the guy yet, but when I do and if we get along I'm considering adding my DC gear to his party and might stream the party just as ihaveadreamcast.com had done.

Animated AF said...

9.9.09 is gonna be one hectic time around this parts I reckon! When abouts do you think I should set up the voting for? Don't want to do it too many months before the date, maybe two months before? I'm thinking of setting up a email account just for everyone to send the votes to, where they can be counted up.

Barry the Nomad said...

9-9-09 is going to be inSANE! For your voting, GagaMan, 2 months sounds like a good amount of time, allowing 2 weeks per every 25 games.

The Sega Nomad's 15th anniversary is October 2010! Everybody prepare now!

DC2K10 said...

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