Gagaman crazy DC splash out ...again.

So yeah, I've spent rather a big chunk of money on this large bundle of Dreamcast stuff you see above you. For reference there is 70 games amongst it (68 American, 1 PAL and 1 Japanese), two controllers, two VMUs, two rumble packs, a VGA box, two microphones (bundled with Seaman and Alien Front), a fishing controller and Samba De Amigo Maracas. To be fair I'm not keeping everything you see here: whenever I buy bundles I end up selling whatever I don't want out of it to make some of (or if I'm lucky sometimes all) the money back Obviously there are plenty of games here I already own, and in some cases I will be replacing my chunky PAL games with these much slimmer-on-the-shelf American versions.

Now I'm pretty aware that this black Sega Sports Dreamcast isn't mega rare over in America but not many of these pop up here in the UK for sale and I must say it's much nicer than I was expecting.The fact that even all the buttons and areas that are normally grey on a standard Dreamcast are all black too makes it look very slick, and the matching controller is a nice compliment to it as well. The system even had two black VMUs to blend in with it, though a shame there was never any black rumble packs. I now own PAL, American and Japanese Dreamcast consoles. Why? Why not?

The one lone Japanese game that featured with this bundle was also a highlight for me, that of the rather pricey 2.5D platformer Napple tale. Separately this would have cost me quite a bit, much like that time when I got a bundle that had Gigawing 2, Trizeal and Radilgy in it: it's the only way I'll ever afford to buy some of these rarer games, even if it does mean I end up with a ton of other games I already have lol.

Highlights amongst the huge array of American titles include Shenmue, Skies of Arcadia, Jet Grind Radio (now own all three regions of this game lol), all three Sonic games, both Tony Hawks, every Sega Sports 2K2 game (including the odd renaming of Virtua Tennis 2, changed in the US to Sega Sports Tennis 2K2), both Power Stones, Seaman, Alien Front Online, both Phantasy Star Onlines, both Crazy Taxis, Daytona USA, both Sega Bass and Marine Fishing, both Tokyo Extreme Racers, both Reday 2 Rumbles, and lots and lots more. Phew!

After sorting out what I want from the lot I have a total of around 200 games for my Dreamcast: roughly 50 PAL, 50 American and 100 Japanese, plus the indie releases, and I'm still not done! I must be nuts.


adamwells said...

Would you possibly do a giveaway of sorts with one of the games you would otherwise selk

Daniel said...

You are nuts but you are not alone.

Thom said...

I'd be interested in some of the crappier, common US games if you feel like dropping me an e.mail. Would save ebay fees if we sorted something out between us!

A Moomintroll said...

Damn that's a lot of Dreamcastery.

Those black Dreamcasts look good, but the white Dreamcast's still best.
(Racist undertone unintentional.)

Animated AF said...

Thom: Drop us an e-mail and I'll give you a list of what ones I'm selling.

Barry the Nomad said...

Welcome to the JSR multi-regional club! Great haul btw!

Yeah, I've noticed that the SEGA Sports consoles are pretty common over here. My theory is that sports gamers were the big buyers (obviously) and were quick to sell them as they probably moved on to the next gen consoles and could care less about year 2000 sports games. Meanwhile us nutters will hold on to them forever :D

Eyz said...

that Dreamcast looks beautiful!!

Ph, and you got Napple tale!!!
I so want a copy myself too!!

Barry the Nomad said...
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Barry the Nomad said...

I see Napple Tale for sale (hey that rhymes!) quite often, however they are always asking for $75+

It's on my shortlist of more expensive games along with Lack of Love and Cosmic Smash.

Molokh said...

Napple Tale is expensive and has a bad reputation, though it looks quite attractive to me... I wonder if those games' price are going to raise forever or if one day they'll just fall down like I secretly hope.
Gagaman, are planing on making a DCJY Rummage video on Napple Tale ?

Unknown said...

Wonderful buy you made there gagaman!
I always enjoy your vids on youtube.
Got myself into buying DUX, Last Hope, Wind and Water by looking at your vids.
I'm also under a hunt for the black DC, since my white DC's get yellow :/

Your not a lonely collector by the way, I also have roughly 300+ SEGA games for MD/32X/MCD/SS/DC.

Anonymous said...

awesome haul, I spent over €200 on a dc batch myself once, every now & then you find a jewel & it makes it all worth the price.

btw, is that seaman complete with the candy & all? so far I seem to be the only one (I know of ) that has it