A Look Inside The Junkyard

We spend a large part of our time here at the Junkyard bringing all the Dreamers out there the latest news, opinions and articles on our beloved little white box. Whether it be long thought lost games, articles on every element of the Dreamcast that you'd ever wish to have (and some you probably didn't!), collectors guides, an award nominated podcast, interviews with the best DC indie developers out there; you name it, we try to cover it.

But when we're not letting our creative juices flow, the staff here at the 'Yard can often be found building up our own collections. We're a varying bunch, covering 4 continents, and our own collecting goals are somewhat different – whether it be feeding the compulsion to finish a full set, attempting to expand on the Dreamcast family with arcade hardware and software, or just enjoying the thrill of the hunt and finding 10 copies of Spirit of Speed 1937 in a charity shop; we all have different aims and ambitions with our Dreamcast indulgences. And whilst we talk about the console a lot, it's occurred to us that we haven't shared our own collections – at least not for a while. With new members now aboard the Junkyard train, it seems the right time to share our own little corners of Dreamcast heaven.

Oh, and we want to show off a little. There's nothing wrong with that, right?

So without further ado, The Dreamcast Junkyard presents...a look inside the Junkyard!

First up, the newest member of the Junkyard family, author of the superb 'Top 5 Dreamcast Games for Studying Japanese' amongst others, our Japan-based Junkyarder, Ross:

Junkyard member: 
Ross O'Reilly (The1Ross)

Junkyard Location:   
The UK but have spent the last six years living in Japan.

When did you first get a Dreamcast?
I got a DC on launch day so that would be October 14th 1999 in the UK.

How long have you been collecting?
I can't really put an exact date on it. While the DC was still being commercially supported, I picked up as many games as I could afford with the money earned from my part time job and even dipped into my school lunch money on the odd occasion.

Sega announcing the decision to drop support for the system was absolutely devastating for my fifteen year old self but it had some positive effects; everything Dreamcast became super cheap overnight and I was able to pick up almost any game I wanted. I also continued to import the odd new release from Japan, I remember having pre-orders for Radirgy, Under Defeat and a few others, but I think Trigger Heart Exelica must have been the last DC game I bought new on release.

By the time I graduated university, I had around 100 mostly PAL titles in my collection and to help fund my move to Japan I sold, not just the DC stuff, but my entire game collection save for a few bits and bobs. Unlike many others who have sold up, it was a choice that I've never really regretted to be honest.

For the first two years of living in Japan, the only consoles I owned were PS3 and Xbox 360. I honestly believed that I didn't need a game collection any more but I gradually slipped back into it when I bought a Dreamcast to play Shenmue in Japanese for the first time. Since then, it's got a bit out of control to be honest, but I always buy at well below eBay prices, so I figure that I can sell up again one day if I need to without having lost any/much money.

So to answer your question, about fifteen years with a two year break in there somewhere.

Tell us then, what do you have in your Junkyard?
My count of strictly Dreamcast games is currently at 336: 316 JPN, 11 PAL, 7 indie releases, 1 US and 1 repro of the unreleased Propeller Arena. The only doubles across regions that I own are Jet Set Radio for the extra stages not in the regular Japanese version and Seaman because the difference in language really makes it an almost entirely different game.

Ross's impressive games collection
My console setup is actually two JPN systems sat on top of each other; one for playing GDROMs, the other for running games from SD card with GDEmu. Depending on the game or my mood, I connect these up to my televisions in the following way.

Modern TV:
Dreamcast-->Toro-->male scart to male RGB21 cable-->XRGB Frameiester RGB cable-->XRGB Framemeister-->HDMI cable-->Modern TV
(to read more about the optimal way to connect your DC to a modern TV, check out my article here http://www.thedreamcastjunkyard.co.uk/2016/01/guest-article-future-proofing-your.html)

Dreamcast-->Toro-->male scart to male RGB21 cable-->RGB21 female to male RGB Multi cable-->CRT TV

New Net City arcade candy cabinet monitor:
Dreamcast-->Toro-->VGA cable-->New Net City 

A little corner of Heaven...
As for peripherals, I think I have pretty much everything except the Ascii fight pad (doesn't interest me as I prefer to use arcade sticks) the Taisen LAN cable and the ParaPara Paradise controller, both of which I'd love to add to my collection but are unfortunately extremely rare and expensive. The strangest peripherals in my collection are the Densha de Gogo! train controller and Pop and Music controller.

As some of you have seen in my 'Expanding the Dreamcast Collection' series of articles, I like to think outside of the box when it comes to Dreamcast collecting. Firstly, the Dreamcast family arcade hardware and their respective games/ports and secondly Dreamcast games that were cancelled but found their way onto other systems such as Panzer Dragoon Orta on Xbox or Shinobi on PS2 also feature as part of my collection. In my eyes, these are just as much Dreamcast games as Sonic Adventure and Shenmue are (well, almost anyway).  

Here's a few examples of ports from the Dreamcast family of arcade 
hardware and cancelled games that didn't make their way onto the Dreamcast
Finally, I like to pick up any games on other systems that I think of as Dreamcast franchises, stuff like Crazy Taxi 3 and Headhunter Redemption on Xbox or Jet Set Radio on the GBA, and any other games that feature Dreamcast characters; Sonic Pinball Party for it's inclusion of Amigo, Sonic and Allstars Racing Transformed, the Sega Superstars Eyetoy game, that sort of thing. 
What's the 'prized possession' of your DC collection?
My New Net City and New Astro City arcade candy cabinets. They're not particularly valuable here in Japan but the amount of enjoyment I've had with them is immeasurable. The New Net City cabinet was practically built to be used with the Naomi (arcade version of the Dreamcast), so I feel especially privileged to have that in my collection. I'd buy a couple more if it was up to me, but my girlfriend insists that two arcade cabinets is quite enough. What does she know, eh?
There's a whole world of DC-related collecting outside of the standard released games
Collecting for so long, and being based in Japan, you must have come across some great deals?
In Japan, we have these giant second hand shops called "kanteidan". They sell not just games, but also clothes, manga, DVDs, VHS, watches and a bit of everything to be honest, even skateboards. Once me and a friend turned up to one on a Sunday morning to find they were having some kind of clearance sale where all games were 50 yen each (about 32p or $0.44 at today's exchange rate). Neither of us had cars at the time so we just filled up a couple carrier bags and hauled back as much as we could on the bus. Looking back, I kind of regret not buying more...

I got everything you see in this picture for a grand total of 5800 (£37/$51). I doubt I'll ever see that bargain beaten to be honest.
£37? £37?! Makes my £3 slightly sun faded copy of FIFA 98 on the PS1 from a charity shop look like a bad deal now...
Which piece of your collection has set you back the most?
If we're talking strictly DC then it was probably one of the Japanese DC games I pre-ordered from Japan. More recently I spent a fair bit on my Naomi flashcard reader, Dimm board and Capcom I/O set up.

We've all got some strange, odd and quirky pieces in our collection, what's the oddest in yours?
A Seaman Fan.
Damn it Ross, I want one of these now...
Do you have any goals in mind with your collection?
It's not a collecting goal as I don't really have any, but I'd like to get my Japanese up to a level where I can finally play through Segagaga and understand the story. I tried it once a few years back and found it ridiculously hard; lots of text, tonnes of high level kanji and a fairly complicated story. I don't have trouble with most games, even RPGs, but I'm not ready for Segagaga...yet!

Finally, do you have that 'Holy Grail' in mind for your collection? That one piece of Dreamcast history you desire more than any other?
Without a doubt it has to be the Taisen link cable. The cable is used to connect two Dreamcasts for LAN play. As far as I know the feature was only implemented into five games (F355 Challenge, Virtual On, Sega Tetris Aero Dancing F and Aero Dancing i), but I really want to give it a go. I recently bid over $300 for one on a Japanese auction site, but was outbid at the last minute. That's how rare these things are!

I even have two Virtua Sticks, two Ascii flight sticks and intend to get another race wheel in preparation for the day I finally get my hands on one.

Thanks to Ross for sharing his awesome collection!

Next we have Tom, creator of the Junkyard and prolific article writer for the blog, co-host and editor of the DreamPod, as well as contributing to pieces to a variety of other publications, sites and podcasts, and generally regarded as a bit of a Dreamcast expert. When he's not creating the Junkyard empire, Tom also has a fine collection of his own.

Junkyard member:
Hello, I’m Tom and I help with the podcast and occasionally write nonsense here. As well as the Junkyard, I write for RetroCollect, co-host the Maximum Power Up podcast and do occasional freelance work.

Junkyard Location:
Southampton UK, but originally from Manchester.

When did you first get a Dreamcast?
That would have been around November 1999, a few weeks after the UK launch. I had an N64 up until then and had saved a little bit of cash but couldn’t afford to outright buy a system (I was in college at the time). I had to wait until I could find a buyer for the N64 in order to fund my purchase, which I made from Electronics Boutique in Manchester city centre. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to get a new system - either before or since. I recall I actually bought a copy of Speed Devils about a fortnight before I had the Dreamcast and I would just sit looking at the back of the box and reading the manual haha! 

How long have you been collecting seriously for the Dreamcast?
Started the current collection in early 2005 when I bought a used Dreamcast in a branch of defunct games store Gamestation. That’s when I had the idea to start a blog detailing my collecting…and the rest is history!

What do you have in your Junkyard now?
About 95% complete PAL collection, around 25 NTSC-J and 25 NTSC-U games. 5 PAL systems, 2 NTSC-J ones, a ridiculous number of VMUs, controllers, guns, keyboards, mice etc.
A tidy Dreamcast collection, in both meanings of the word

I have quite a few bits of random paraphernalia and associated guff too - the mini collectible egg Dreamcast, a bead art Dreamcast, a tissue box holder, a Sega Europe Dreamcast jacket (that’s a bit too small, dammit!).
Some of Tom's more random (I say awesome) Dreamcast related pieces
I have a fairly large collection of magazines and books relating to the Dreamcast too, and recently had a number of Dreamcast Magazine issues donated to me by a reader (thanks Steve), hence the video walkthroughs I’ve been doing here at the Junkyard. I don’t just collect Dreamcast stuff though as I’m a fan of all systems, so I try to keep it sensible.
The Dreamcast's memory in print, an essential part of any Dreamers collection
Do you have any prized possessions in your Dreamcast collection?
One of my most prized possessions is something I must thank Ross for - the Virtual On twin sticks he sent over to me from Japan (thanks Ross!). The karaoke unit was something I’d been after for ages and I’d almost resigned to the fact I’d never own one…but then low and behold a fairly cheap one popped up on eBay and I won it for just over £30. It’s useless, but it looks cool. Scott (Doc Eggfan) recently sent me a NAOMI 2 system too, which was very cool of him. A special mention must also go to the Dreamconn wireless controller - it is simply superb and my ‘go to’ controller. Thanks again to Chris for that.
Beautiful Twin Sticks nestled in Tom's gaming heaven. Tom's Jaguar collection is an equally impressive lot
Any particular great deals down the years that stand out?
Probably the karaoke unit to be fair. They do go for a lot of money in such good condition, even though (as previously stated) they are literally useless nowadays. The new and sealed Dreameye was only £20 too so that was quite good. Back in the early days of my collecting (circa 2005), Dreamcast games were dirt cheap and I got stuff like Shenmue 2 and Evil Twin for a few pounds each, so I’ve had quite a few good deals. Special mention must go to Father Krishna for giving me a translucent green Dreamcast for nothing, and Facebook group member Vanda for the free stuff he’s sent me over the years.

Which are the most expensive additions to your collection?
I’ve never really spent a massive amount on any one Dreamcast item, simply because I’m eternally broke/refuse to pay silly money for stuff. I paid £70 for a mint condition Yukawa Edition Dreamcast last year, and around £50 for the Dreamcast Express demo collection…but apart from those I’ve never really spend an outrageous amount on anything.
Tom's NAOMI 2 makes a nice CD-i plinth

Any strange of quirky elements lurking in your Junkyard?
Not really strange, but my two Dreamcast keyrings often start conversations when people spot them (and know what the hell a Dreamcast is!). Oh, and the foam-filled Dreamcast my mother randomly made for me. Not sure what was going through her head there to be honest haha! I also have the weird Treamcast photo mouse but I’m not sure that counts as merchandise; and the Metropolis Street Racer poster I have hanging above the fireplace is quite unusual I guess.

What does the future hold for your collection - any goals in mind?
I’ve pretty much reached where I want to be as far as getting games goes. The final PAL games I don’t have are outside my price range and I’m happy just having CD-R versions to be honest (and they’re mostly shit anyway). I’m really keen to get DCJY at more live events in the future so my main goals at present are collecting any old PAL systems and cleaning them up for use at events.
A lone Dreamcast sits amongst some of gaming's greatest machines. And a Jaguar

And finally Tom, is there any one 'Holy Grail' that you'd just love to add to the collection?
Maybe a mint condition, fully working Divers 2000 if I could have anything and money was no object!

We can dream Tom - after all, that's the business we're all in! Thanks to Tom for sharing his collection.

Next up, DreamPod regular and prolific Junkyard article writer, Rob.

Junkyard member:
Robert Jones - In the real world I’m Features Editor on T3.com. I also wrote a book about video games, which can be seen here.

Junkyard Location:
Bath, UK

When did you first get a Dreamcast?
I got one a couple of months after it was released in the UK, however that one is now long gone. Today I have a modified unit with an internal VGA box that is also region free, as well as a complete-in-box, ‘heat-piped/liquid-cooled’ Japanese Dreamcast. It even has all the paperwork that it came with when brand new.
Rob's lovely Japanese Dreamcast in all it's glory
Region free, VGA modded Console
How long have you been collecting?
Since the system came out in the UK, however when it first launched I didn’t immediately decide I was going to collect for it, I just bought games that I liked. After Sega went boom and Dreamcast games plummeted in price, I then decided to pick up more, moving into Japanese exclusives.

What do you have in your Junkyard then Rob?
I consider myself a ‘head-hunter’ collector, which is primarily due to the fact that I collect on multiple fronts, with the Neo Geo AES, MVS and Pocket Color swallowing a lot of my money. As such, my Dreamcast collection is dwarfed by some of the other guys’ here on the site. Overall I’ve got about 40 games in total, however each one is something I genuinely like playing or holds some particular significance. There is no dross!

What's the most cherished part (or parts) of your DC collection?
Probably Lack of Love (L.O.L) and Shikigami no Shiro 2 Special Edition. I’ve written a piece about both on the site: Living with a Lack of Love  and Review – 式神の城 (Shikigamino Shiro 2)

and admire both of them immensely. Lack of Love is a beautiful, thought-provoking and unique experience, while Shikigami no Shiro 2 is a lesson in how to create a quality shmup. Neither are particularly rare, however they hang a lantern on the sort of unique, amazing experiences that can be found in the Japan-exclusive Dreamcast library. Oh, damn, I almost forgot Ikaruga too!
Two beautiful examples of the Dreamcast's magnificence
Any particular great deals you've managed to secure down the years?I don’t think I’ve ever got a real steal on the Dreamcast, however my copies of Shenmue 1 and 2 were bought back in the day for very little and, considering the insane but also revealing (not in that way!) experience I got out of Kita E - White IlluminationI consider that £5 well spent too!
Worth £5 of anyone's money. You can't even buy a pint in Bath for that!
What about at the other end of the scale, any wallet-destroying purchases?
That ‘heat-piped/liquid-cooled’ Dreamcast was £££! Shikigami no Shiro 2 Special Edition was also expensive.

Quirkiest, odd or just down right strangest item in your collection? We all have them...
I suppose I’d have to say my custom-modded Dreamcast arcade stick, which I modified a couple of years back. I ditched the stick and buttons, which asides from being that horrible shade of sickly green, just weren’t that great (the buttons weren’t micro-switched and the stick was just “ok” and had a square restrictor gate). As such, I replaced them with brand new Sanwa parts and an octagonal gate, which makes pulling off specials and supers a lot easier. The colour scheme, which is based on my other love, the Neo Geo MVS, is also far better. Not strange I suppose, but unique to me.
Rob's modded arcade stick looks the part
Do you have any further collecting goals in mind?
I also wrote about this recently on the site, Musings on Christmas Eve and feel that I have reached a stage where I have pretty much everything I want on Dreamcast or can really afford. Would I like other Dreamcast games? Yes, yes I would, however the money it would require to add them to my collection is not something I can justify.

A completely fair position I say! That being said, do you have that one piece, that 'Holy Grail', that you just couldn't pass up if the opportunity arose?
As I said before, I have very modest collecting goals now on the Dreamcast, however that said I would love to get my hands on the Sega GaGa Box Set.
A couple more examples of Rob's collection
Rob, I'm right there with you on that one! Thanks to Rob for sharing his little slice of Dreamcast Heaven.

We head across the pond for our next Junkyarder, Barry the Nomad co-host of the SEGAbits Swingin' Report Show and a key member of the SEGAbits team as well as being an all round Sega expert.

Junkyard Member:
Barry the Nomad

Junkyard Location:
Chicago, IL, USA

When did you first get a Dreamcast?
At around launch, though I had to get things in stages because so many stores were sold out. I got my console and copy of Sonic Adventure first, and over the following weeks got a much needed VMU, Hydro Thunder and Power Stone.

How long have you been collecting?
Since 9/9/1999

What's in your Junkyard?
Primarily American games (around 140), a decent amount of Japanese titles (roughly 30), and a sampling of European games (under 10). 
Great DC Games + Shenhua and Ryo figures = A man with great taste
I am not a completionist, I usually go for good games, unique games, or games that are too cheap not to pass up. I also collect accessories and try to buy all the games that utilize them.

Any serious DC gamer needs a boxed of loved accessories
Which items in your collection do you hold particularly dear to your heart?
Any game I bought new at the time of release, especially the classics like Sonic Adventure, Jet Set Radio, Shenmue, Skies of Arcadia and Power Stone 2. I know some of these don't go for too much money nowadays, but the fast that they are my copies from release mean a lot. I also am very proud of my complete collection of Official Dreamcast Magazine as well as all the demo discs.
Lovely set of ODM US mags with discs
I also was honored to receive a Sonic the Hedgehog 20th anniversary statue as a gift from Francesca Reyes of The Official Dreamcast Magazine and Official Xbox Magazine fame. I had interviewed Fran some years back and expressed how great an influence her writing was to my blog writing and work at SEGAbits. When the Xbox Magazine crew were folding shop, she found the Sonic statue in her office and thought of me. A very nice gesture from an awesome and influential woman. 
A lotta Sonic

Any great deals in compiling your DC collection?
A used launch model Japanese Dreamcast with Virtua Fighter 3tb, King of Fighters '99 and Rez included for a cool $56 on ebay. The bonus? When I got it home, I realized it had a mod chip!
Brothers in arms against the Sony empire
Any items that have been hard on the wallet?

I honestly don't think I have ever spent more than what a game had gone for new on the used market, I tend to go for the deals. I do, however, recall spending a bit on importing Shenmue II when it was brand new in the UK. It was a deal compared to what it goes for now, probably $75 with shipping, but I do recall thinking that I was spending a lot on one game back then.

A great line up of Indie titles there Barry!
Any decidedly odd parts to your collection?
I've always had a soft spot for terrible third party Dreamcast accessories. The imitation maracas – like the Cha Cha Amigo maracas – are always amusing, especially the box art. I also love the ugly third party controllers, like Interact's Quantum Fighterpad, that don't feel good in your hands at all.
This article is fast becoming a want list for me....

That's a lot of thinking...
Do you have any goals in mind with your collection, or any items you're focusing on?
I have a small list of must own games that I'd like to get through, mainly Japanese and European exclusives. I'd also like to get my hands on more printed materials, especially strategy guides and European magazines.

And what about those 'Holy Grails', those desperately sought out items you're most after?
I know it will sound lame, but the Planetweb 3.0 browser disc. I know it sells for between $50 and $150 on ebay, but I am always hopeful I'll find it in the corner of some retro shop who tossed it in with the other browser discs and demos. I'd also like to get my hands on Evil Twin, Napple Tale and Cannon Spike.

We all need a Sonic shrine; Barry's is particularly gorgeous
My thanks to Barry for sharing his Dream collection, and I advise everyone to go spend some time on the excellent SEGAbits, one of the biggest and best all round SEGA sites on the interweb.

A trip back to the UK now, and the second Junkyard from the west country, this time from another new arrival to the DCJY staff, Mike.... or to end the prospect of speaking solely in the 3rd person for this piece, me! I'm the writer of the Dreamcast Junkyard Ultimate collectors guide and am delighted to be part of the Yard crew!

Junkyard Member:
Mike, aka Space_turnip

Junkyard Location:
Yate, just outside of Bristol, UK

When did you first get a Dreamcast?
It's difficult to remember exactly when I first purchased a DC, but it was very early in 2000. I was exclusively a PC gamer from the start of my 6th form onwards (so about '97), and the DC would of been my second 'big' purchase after I started in the world of work after a shiny new PC set up. Had been a Sega fan boy in console terms since the Master System days though.

How long have you been collecting for?
Probably about 5 years 'seriously'. I sold my DC many years ago, before picking one up again in the Bristol Gamestation as part of getting into Retro game collecting, and that would of been probably 2007-2008. Took me a couple of years until I decided to properly collect for the Dreamcast, as I initially just tried to buy as many retro systems and games as possible. My fondness for the DC led me to concentrate more on it, and in the last couple of years I've sold most of the rest of my collection to concentrate more on the DC.

Tell everyone a bit about your collection, Mike:
I've got a complete PAL collection, about 100 North American games (including all but one of the non-PAL releases), over 400 Japanese games (including a couple of dozen of the limited editions), all but one of the Indie releases, a dozen or so boxed accessories both first and third party, 5 consoles, a bunch of loose accessories, several other bits and pieces that I suppose could be defined as 'other' memorabilia, 60+ magazines, books and guides and a bunch of loosely related figures and the like that I like to call part of the collection. Also have about 50 of the white label promo discs.
Literally, my corner of Dreams
Indie releases - one day Frog Feast, you will be mine
US releases
What would you describe as your most treasured DC related possession?
I'm really happy I managed to get the Dream para para knockoff game and controller without really having to try (was offered it when buying another item). Alongside that I'm happy to have both the De la Jet Set Radio and Space Channel 5 part 2 box sets, as they were the ones (alongside the Segagaga one) that opened my eyes to some of the cooler box sets for the DC. In fact, my little display of Limited editions is something I really do treasure, as I'm a sucker for box sets (as my current gen shelves bare witness to).
Dream Para Para controller at the top, amongst some boxed accessories
Running out of space on the limited edition shelves
Modesty notwithstanding, having a copy of my own collectors guide is something I understandably hold dear to my heart too!

Any great deals you've managed to secure over the years?
Literally (and I do mean literally) the day after deciding I was going for a complete PAL set, I found a mint copy of Street Fighter III 3rd Strike in a charity shop not 5 minutes from my house for 50p, alongside a couple of others. I've not seen any other DC games at all, not even rubbish ones, there since.
I also got lucky with my DC collection as many co-workers of mine at the time, when I said I was collecting for the DC, sold me their own items, which includes boxed consoles, arcade sticks, many of the tougher to find games, and it was all quite cheap.
PAL games
What's the most you've ever spent on building your collection?
Evolution 2 (PAL) was around £80 I think, as were the twin sticks. I've spent a bit more for bundles, but have always made my initial outlay back in future trades. To be honest, most of the last few years of collecting has been selling other Retro stuff to buy DC stuff, so I don't really consider any of it expensive. At least, that's the story I tell the fiancée....

Do you have any odd, quirky or just plan weird pieces in your collection?
I have a few. The Pop'n music character key ring is a bit odd. Some of the larger box sets have some weird contents as well.
Some of the 'extra' DC items
What goals do you have for your collection going forward?
I may be insane (in fact, I don't think there's any 'may' about it), but I am focused on getting at least 1 version of every game. In fact, that's one of the reasons I wrote the guide in the first place, to help me do that. I'm in no major rush, and am happy to pick up items if and when I find them for a good price. Also want to complete my UK mag collections, start a US one maybe, and then possibly start expanding the collection into 'DC related games on other systems'...but one step at a time.
Magazines and books
And is there any particular 'Holy Grail' you have in mind?
Despite their use being limited to being fancy coasters now, I still want to get the 5 remaining Bird Cage / Grauen no Tarikego Kapitel discs. I'm also hoping I can pick up the last US non-PAL release I need for a cheap price, Giga Wing 2. To be honest....my want list is huge!
There's no denying how much nicer the Japanese games look together

We're back over the Atlantic again for our next Junkyarder, regular participant on the DreamPod and prolific article writer since joining the crew in 2007, Caleb.

Junkyard Member:

Junkyard Location:
I'm from upstate New York in the US. I still live in the North Country, but I am hoping to move soon.

When did you first get a Dreamcast and how long have you been collecting for?
I have been collecting since 2002 when I got my first Dreamcast in college. A fellow member of the college swim team was switching to Xbox and he sold me his Dreamcast collection which included lightguns, controllers, and several great games. Soon after that some dick (probably a certain housemate of mine) stole the console but I was eventually able to replace it.

Tell us a little bit about your collection Caleb:
I have an excellent collection of the best multiplayer games for the Dreamcast! This includes the setups for Samba de Amigo and Typing of the Dead. I organize video game tournaments every once in a while.
Some great US titles amongst this lot

Death Crimson OX...um
D2 in it's North American glory

The lovely Capcom version of the ASCII Pad
Some fine examples of Indie releases on the DC
What's the most prized part of your Dreamcast collection?
My Most prized Dreamcast item is a copy of Shenmue 2 given to my by FatherK a past contributor to The Dreamcast Junkyard. It's the best gift anyone has ever given me.
There's few finer gifts I can think of than a copy of Shenmue II
Any great deals you've managed to secure over the years?
I got a copy of Powerstone 2 for $4 at thrift store who had it bundled with a bunch of PS1 stuff.
An impressive $4 find
I also got a huge lot of NES stuff for $5 and an Atari Lynx in box with games in box for $3 at a garage sale once.

Any real bank-breaking purchases for the DC?
I probably dropped over $100 on a huge online goodwill auction that included an arcade stick and a ton of games. Honestly I was never in a position to spend a lot of money on video games so my collection is mostly from garage sales, thrift shops and back when you could get inexpensive lots on eBay.

A pair of Amigos...
Caleb's Panther DC
Any strange or quirky pieces in your collection?
Probably a copy of Fire Pro Wrestling D signed by Mick Foley (who isn't officially in that game).
Mick Foley signed copy of Fire Pro Wrestling D

Do you have any current collection goals in mind?
My collection is pretty good right now but I am always looking to add more if I run into any deals. I saw a giant Skies of Arcadia statue in thrift store the other day but they wanted $300 for it! Which shows how bad thrift stores are getting because the same statue is selling for $150 on eBay.

And finally, is there any one particular 'Holy Grail' you'd love to get your hands on?
Not really. There are so many excellent games and controllers for the Dreamcast but I have all I need to run video game events and that is what matters to me. If I get a chance to have a professional build me a custom arcade stick for the Dreamcast that might be something worth saving up for.
A few more of the essential accessories in Caleb's collection

HD goodness
Cheers Caleb, another awesome collection. Check out Caleb's Youtube channel for some quality videos here

We return to the UK for our next Junkyarder, the mind behind the Junkyards Top 100 and Top 200 lists. He's also written numerous other articles and features for the site, and was the first recruit to the 'Yard back in 2006.

Junkyard member:
Hello there, I'm Aaron Foster aka The Gagaman.

Junkyard Location:
Southend-on-Sea in Essex, UK. We have the world's longest pier apparently! Also a surprisingly decent sea-front row of arcades.

When did you first get a Dreamcast?
The end of November 1999 for my 13th Birthday, so not long after the UK launch.
The shrine-like corner where most of my Sega games reside
How long have you been collecting seriously for the Dreamcast?
I was buying Dreamcast games throughout it's entire life of store shelves, but I don't think I started seriously collecting until around 2003 when the games were really cheap to find second hand.

Tell us then, what do you have in your Junkyard?
My full collection can be seen in detail over at RF Generation, but to summarize I own about 119 Japanese games, 63 American games, 31 PAL games and 16 Indie games.
Almost all of my Dreamcast games are on this shelf...
...but a few PAL games leak over to what used to be my main DC shelf that I customised with the logo on the side
I have just enough VMU's to save every one of those games as well as a pile of controllers including two arcade sticks, two fishing controllers, two sets of Samba De Amigo maracas, two light guns, controller adapters so I can use my Saturn Twin Sticks and more, a racing wheel, a DDR dance mat, the Pop 'n Music controller, Keyboard, Mouse, the Dreameye and the Densha De Go train controller.
A bunch of my controllers and VMUs are stored in this Dreamcast carry bag!

Just some of the boxed controllers, the rest are in the loft
Console wise I have 2 PAL systems, a Sega Sports black American Dreamcast, a modded Japanese console and a Treamcast, which is a nice novelty that I have actually taken on breaks away occasionally.
Do you have any prized possessions in your Dreamcast collection?
This Dreamcast above which I had signed by Yuji Naka, Takashi Iizuka and Jun Senoue during the Summer of Sonic event in London in 2011 in time for the 20th Anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog. It was pure luck that I even got this as the long, sweaty queue for signings was about to cut off right as I was next but Jun demanded that the queue was allowed to continue for a bit longer, bless him! I also have copies of Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic 1 signed by Iizuka and Naka which my suffering girlfriend also joined the queue to get for me.
This photo came out a lot posher looking than expected
Some of the more exotic games in my collection
Any great deals you've managed to secure over the years?
I prize myself on trying to find bargains and with the Dreamcast I have had plenty over the years. On eBay I've had some lucky deals including the Segagaga collectors box set for £50, Cosmic Smash for £20 and Yu Suzuki Game Works for £35. Being in the right place at the right time and lots of waiting and resisting got me these for those prices I guess.

My Treamcast was acquired by trading with someone in Portugal for a complete UK Official Dreamcast magazine set, who was kind enough to even Skype me a video showing the system working.

Any real bank-breaking purchases for the DC?
The priciest purchases I've made were both large bundles but for what they contained were well worth the money that was splashed out. A majority of my American Dreamcast game collection came from one of these bundles which also included a Sega Sports console and Napple Tale. The other bundle contained the modded Japanese console along with games like Giga Wing 1 and 2, Trizeal and Radirgy among others.

As for single items, I recall paying out £75 for my PAL Samba De Amigo maraca set many moons ago and the Sturmwind collectors set was pretty expensive too.

Any strange or quirky pieces in your collection?
I own an assortment of action figures and toys based on Dreamcast characters, including House of the Dead 2, Crazy Taxi (which includes a large radio controlled car), Space Channel 5 and Sonic Adventure. I even own a ugly plush toy of Seaman and a tiny toy Dreamcast, small enough to fit inside a VMUs' screen!

I also have some Dreamcast related manga, including a couple volumes of 'Sega make the Best Games in the World!' starring anthropomorphic consoles as well as a Dreamcast Doujinshi featuring characters from Resident Evil CODE: Veronica, Soul Calibur and others and mostly seems to consist of dick jokes. Yeah...
Some Dreamcast reading material, even though I can only read three of them
Finally, what goals do you have for your collection going forward?
My collection is very close to where I want it to be: I don't have any aims to own every game there is or complete any particular set, I just want to own every game that I know I will come back to and enjoy in some fashion.

As far as games go I'm only really after a handful of pricey rare ones: Zero Gunner 2, Cleopatra Fortune and Cannon/Gun Spike are at the top of my list, with others like Space Channel 5 Part 2Psyvariar 2 and the American release of D2 also desired if I can get them for the right price. Hint hint do me a solid etc.

I feel quite lucky to have built up my collection when I did and it's one of my proudest collections of all the stuff I own. There isn't much I would change about it now to be honest.

Thanks Aaron for sharing the awesome collection!

Our globe-trotting tour of Junkyards ends with a visit to Scott, the Yard's resident Antipodean correspondent, all round Sega fanatic and prolific Sega Retro contributor.

Junkyard Member:
Scott Marley, aka Doc Eggfan, or just Eggfan - a somewhat wearisome moniker that has followed me from my halcyon days in the Sonic game hacking community.
I can also be found in playable character form in Wind and Water Puzzle Battles
and the soon to be released Alice Dreams Tournament,
as well as a secret boss character in Pier Solar HD
Junkyard Location:
Born and bred in 'Straya, currently residing in our national bush fortress, Canberra
Eggfan's Dreamcast Junkyard, circa 2006
How long have you been collecting for?
It all began way back late in 2000, when I bought my first Dreamcast just a few short weeks before Sega announced they were pulling up stumps. In spite of the smug shopkeep trying to convince me to get a PS2 instead, I remained steadfast in my resolution and to this day I still regret nothing.
I've still got the original box. Oh Telstra Big Pond, how you screwed us over
When did you first get a DC?
I had spent far too much time and money during my teenage years on my Mega Drive obsession. My mum noticed the early signs of obsessive compulsive mania and was reluctant to permit an upgrade to a Saturn or Playstation during the late 90s to try and curb my enthusiasm. I was okay with that, as I had convinced myself that my hand-built 32X-CD monstrosity was close enough to the 32-bit cutting edge. But when I passed my final high school exams with an unbelievable result that placed me in the top 0.7% of the state, I was rewarded with the go ahead to buy a brand new Dreamcast, coupled with Sonic Adventure and SoulCalibur. This spawned an even greater and more costly obsession in the years to come. Thanks mum!
Eggfan's Dreamcast (not-so-junky) Junkyard circa 2016.
Everything's all archived away in boxes until the glorious day when I can
spread out into a larger home
Show us you collection Scott!

No more utopia boot discs for me
  • Three Dreamcasts, one for each region – my original PAL model I bought back in 2000 (with some replacements to weary parts over the years), a Black Sega Sports model from America, and a first generation 'liquid cooled' (but not really) Japanese model
  • Jerry-rigged NAOMI 2 and Atomiswave arcade boards
  • All the peripherals you could possibly ever want, including unnecessary stupid weird things like the Densha de Go Train controller, the ASCII Mission Flight stick and the Pop 'n' Music bopper
  • My steering wheel and arcade sticks have been converted to work exclusively with my NAOMI 2 though, as I prefer to use hand controllers (including the ASCII 6 button fighter pad) with my home consoles 
  • Also got a DreamConn Ver.2 and my prototype DreamTrance vibrator (more on that soon!)
Japanese hoard, circa 2006
Full list
  • 434 unique official software titles across all the main regions (513 when counting multi-region double ups). An impressive total, but still shy of a full set by more than 200
  • An almost complete set (48) of unofficial releases (missing the German pressed release of Volgarr the Viking and the Gran Turismo 2 Bleemcast disc. I also failed to secure a pre-order for the "Limited Limited Edition" of Slave and I'm still fuming about that)
  • 33 Demo discs and 6 web browser variations
  • 38 official NAOMI games (cartridges and discs), plus 15 Compact Flash bootlegs
  • 13 Atomiswave cartridges (all but one are Chinese bootlegs)
  • Various Soundtracks, mainly for late release shmups, and includes the Dreamcast Collection Vinyl LP
What's the most prized possession within your collection?
My Naomi 2 holds a special place in my heart, as it was a real labour of love to acquire all the necessary parts and make them all work together. I had never done anything like that before, and it showed me that there is a whole other side to the retrogaming hobby if you're prepared to risk solder burns and death by electric shock, but the rewards can be extremely worthwhile.
It's alive! ALIVE!
The Segagaga Limited edition box set also holds a lot of sentimental value, as it pays tribute to not only the Dreamcast but Sega's entire legacy as well. Those pins of the system logos in the balsa wood box are a sight to behold and can bring a tear to the most steely of hearts. 
I'd wager there's nothing more beautiful than this in the whole of Dreamcast-dom

I'm also quite fond of several titles that were hard to come by: 

Frog Feast is a buggy, mostly unplayable mess, and only about 20 'official' copies are estimated to be in circulation. However, verifying their authenticity is basically impossible, as they were “published” by burning the game to blank CD-Rs. I believe I have a legit copy, but who knows.
Possibly the rarest Dreamcast release ever
DreamParaPara with the hand-waving sensor was also hard to come by, but I managed to track one down. I can imagine the ultimate Dreamcast rhythm action nightmare experience would be to try and play Samba de Amigo with the maracas, Dance Dance Revolution on the dancing mat and DreamParaPara with the sensors… all at the same time.
Thanks, Chinese bootleggers
Geist Force almost didn't make it into my collection. I'm not an active member of the Assembler forums, but when the Geist Force prototype was up for grabs, I bid a substantial amount of money to get the game into the hands of someone who would release it publicly, and when I was outbid, I offered to donate my bid to the group that were fighting for the same cause. Somewhere along the way, I was left out of the loop, and when I heard later that the patched up game was being published and released to a select group of people, I was pretty mad that I wasn't included. Luckily, one came up for auction on eBay and I paid a stupid amount of money to get it. A great injustice was rectified.
Another rare gem, almost missed out on this one
The last Dreamcast game to complete my DVD case collection was the limited edition release of Patisserie Nanyanko, which took ages to track down. It didn't help that no-one could decide how best to romanise the title (for example Party Shana Nanco).
The one in question is third from bottom right
Best Deal over the years?
I honestly don't know. I was most active in accumulating my hoard between 2002 and 2007, and during those in-between years Dreamcast games were ten a penny - old enough to be in the bargain bins, but not old enough to be considered retro and collectable. It's probably a good thing I can't remember specifics, I'd probably make a modern Dreamcast collector explode into a fit of furious anger or a puddle of blubbering tears. 
All purchased long before the Shenmue III announcement. Jealous?
Most you've ever spent on a DC piece?
Again, I don't really remember - when you've spent thousands of dollars on Laseractive Mega LD titles, my biggest buyer's remorse from the Dreamcast collection kind of fades into obscurity. 

It was probably the limited edition release of Border Down, which I think I paid somewhere in the $300 range for. I fell in love with Under Defeat, which I pre-ordered and bought on release day, so I really wanted to go back and try G.rev's first shooter. I kept losing ebay auctions, and one time I just snapped and wouldn't take no for an answer.
My complete G.rev collection
Strangest piece of DC merchandise you own?
It's probably the little credit card sized promotional GD disc I stumbled across. It features unplayable gameplay videos for three games: Hundred SwordsSuper Robot Wars Alpha, and Neon Genesis Evangelion: Typing Hokan Keikaku. It was probably given away for free at Japanese retailers, but I don't know much about it.
Size comparison from opposite eras of the Sega spectrum
When I pre-ordered the special WINDSTÄRKE 12 Limited Edition of Sturmwind direct from Redspot games, I was disappointed to find out that Play-Asia were exclusively bundling their copies with a Krakor plush. So, being the obsessive compulsive nut that I am, I had to get myself one too.
Release the Kraken!
I also have the complete set of @Barai games, which were an interesting experiment by Sega to sell full games at a budget price in retail stores. Only the first part of the game would be accessible, and in order to play the rest of the game, an unlock code would need to be purchased online. This let you playtest the game for a bit to see if you liked it first before you committed to a full price investment.
Sega were always willing to try new things, but they didn't always take off
One of the strangest items I have that I actually use on a daily basis is the messenger/laptop bag that was bundled with Neon Genesis Evangelion: Typing E-Keikaku. It's a replica of the ones used by the main computer technicians in the original TV series, and I take my personal x86-64 tablet to work in it everyday, 'cos I'm one cool dude.
Shhh! Don't tell Commander Ikari!
What does the future of your collection look like? Any goals in mind?
After consulting the DCJY Ultimate Collectors Guide, there's a handful of mediocre titles left that I want to get, maybe three dozen or so, and after that I can draw a line in the sand. I would have everything that is even remotely playable or interesting, and if I kept going, I'd be just looking for additional storage space to house a whole bunch of notoriously bad games, unworthy sports games, pachinko sims, dating sims, or games that require servers that don't exist any more.
I'm already occupying the cupboards in my sister's kitchen,
so there just isn't anymore room to expand
The back of my mind is still tempted to go for the full set though, just for the bragging rights. But the satisfaction of obtaining a full set is elusive, as no matter how many times you think you're finished, there is always something else. Got a full PAL set? What about all the different regional/language variations? Got a full set of American releases? What about those 'Sega All Stars' re-releases, or the Midway 'Hot! New!' variations? And don't forget those South American TecToy releases and those somewhat dubiously 'officialish' games that were translated and released in Russia? See? The saga never ends, so you've got to draw the line somewhere. 

Do you have a single Holy Grail?
If I had the space, I'd love to own one of the original style NAOMI Universal cabinets, the ones that stand upright and lean back with a CRT monitor that can be rotated into Yoko and Tate modes. They aren't particularly expensive, especially if you can source one within driving distance to pick up yourself, but I just don't have room for one.
You will be mine one day, my precious
On the hardware front, some 'nice-to-haves' would be the Divers 2000 unit, a Katana devkit, a Treamcast, that strange internet kiosk Dreamcast that was used for playing Hundred Swords and no-one seems to know much about, or even just one of those swanky looking limited edition Dreamcasts, like the Resident Evil ones, or that Gold painted one. In the end though, I'm don't think I'm particularly fussed enough to bother actively seek them out. 

A more realistic holy grail would be the 10-disc Sakura Wars collection box set I recently stumbled across on Yahoo Auctions. I've never played the series, so you wouldn't say I'm a huge fan, but the set looks beautiful and would be a nice showcase piece. I also don't have the Space Channel 5 Part 2 box set with the headphones, which is also very much on my radar.
It's so pretty
No wait! I've got it! The true Holy Grail would be the Dreamcast discs that were used as props in the film Gamera 3 – Revenge of Iris. There's no way that the 'Nevinyrral' disc would be playable, but they would be a unique and virtually unobtainable item worthy of the title “Holy Grail.”
I wonder if these have been kept in someone's possession, or whether 
they were just discarded a long time ago
Thanks to Scott for sharing his amazing collection!

So there we have it; a whistle-stop, globe-trotting tour of the collections that we at the Junkyard have nurtured, loved, admired and desired. My thanks to all the Junkyard team who contributed to this article.


Caleb said...

I love how ghetto my collection looks compared to everyone else's!

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Some top collections lads!

Andrew said...

Makes me think of the good ole days when the skies in Sega games used the same slightly cloudy blue texture and developers were bold and seemed to genuinely enjoy making the player happy. -Kirix