New VMU Games On The Horizon?

Ah, Instagram. A social network I have very limited experience with...because I simply don't get it. Yes I'm a Luddite, a moron even. But I'm OK with that. To be honest, I've been called much worse for having a bizarre fascination with a certain archaic games console. Cough. But back to Instagram. I've actually had an account for a while but I've never uploaded anything to it because I literally have nothing interesting to post there.
Nobody wants to see pictures of my Pot Noodles and empty beer cans stained with tears. That said, I'm glad I signed up to it all those years ago though as it allowed me to discover (well, be shown by Cauterize of RetroCollect fame) the fascinating work of user guacasaurus_mex. I see what you did there with the name, Mr Mex. Very clever. But not as clever as the VMU-based creations on your Instagram page!

Behold - a Star Wars: The Force Awakens mini game for your trusty old VMU:
What about a Deadpool game? You asked for it:
A Magic 8 Ball predictor? Hell...why not!

There's a whole raft of other creations hiding on guacasaurus_mex's profile page and while some of them are merely proof of concept demos, others are pretty much fully fledged games. There's no information on if or how these games and demos will be released for public consumption just yet (although a 25 game compilation for use with Dreamshell has been mentioned), but I'll be keeping an eye on developments. I'm already predicting a drought of CR2032 batteries across the globe as soon as these hit a download service.

Thanks to guacasaurus_mex for permission to post these images here (make sure you go and follow him if you're an Instagram user, and tell him where you saw his work!), and thanks to Cauterize from RetroCollect for the heads up on this brilliant project.

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