Toy Racer Multiplayer Back Online Through Dial-Up

Remember Toy Racer? Of course you do - we only mentioned it a few days ago in this post about the work of two highly talented individuals working to get our trusty old Dreamcasts back online. There's a chance you've just clicked on this because someone's retweeted it or shared it on Facebook though, so I'll explain. Toy Racer was a PAL-only spin-off from Toy Commander that featured toy cars being raced around various tracks that were constructed from bits of Scalextric and broken stickle bricks. It was intended as a budget multiplayer racer to demonstrate the Dreamcast's online capabilities and for the most part it fulfilled its role amicably...until Sega's European servers were smashed to bits and thrown into a landfill. And then pissed on by several tramps.
The good news is that Toy Racer is now back online. And while we've told you this before, this time you don't need any other additional bits and bobs to experience it. All you need is a Dreamcast and a phone line. And Toy Racer, obvs. Plug it in with the standard modem cable and point your DNS at Viola! Toy Racer is back online via dial up...right now!

Once again Luke Benstead, the newly-crowned lord and master of the Dreamcast explains via his blog:

"I'm excited to announce that an experimental replacement server for Dreamarena is now online and as a result, Toy Racer is back online for everyone, even if you don't have a BBA!

DreamPi users have this support right now, just try it! Anyone else on dial-up will need to point their DNS at to use the new server.

As I said, this server is HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL. It will likely crash, not work, behave weirdly etc. the server will keep improving as I gain more understanding of the authentication protocol.

Quake 3 PAL doesn't work at the moment, but that support is coming soon too.

Special thanks go to Jonas Karlsson who did the hard job of deciphering the protocol!"
- Sir Luke Benstead

This is astonishing news and once again proves that no matter how hard Sega tries to kill it, the community will not let the Dreamcast die. Get yourself a copy of Toy Racer, get yourself online and let's all play together. 

Dreamcast. Up to 6 billion players. Again.


Anonymous said...

"The good news is that Toy Racer is now back online."

Well, for broadband users this has been online since December 2014.

Tom Charnock said...

Thanks for that.

eletric'a'mente said...

Any chance to get Speed Devils online again? (Please, say "yes"!)

Anonymous said...


OneStar said...

I could never connect to this game via BBA, it never recognized it for some reason. Ill give it another try soon, I remember others having touble with this too.

Anonymous said...

It most certainly works with bba! I was playing 2 other people for over an hour last night! It was a blast!

Tom, do you ever play this online? Id love to get a match going sometime.