Dreamcast Magazine Issue 12

Dreamcast Magazine issue 12 hit shop shelves on 10th August 2000 with a cover emblazoned with Ferrari F355 Challenge and a free double-sided Ferrari poster, which is odd because the issue was actually sponsored by Lamborghini. Naturally, I jest. It's been a while since we looked at Paragon Publishing's unofficial periodical though, so I thought it was about time we dipped back in...and where better to start than with the next in the series? Exactly.
So issue 12 then. It picks up - funnily enough - exactly where issue 11 left off and continues with the same high quality and oft humorous prose as before. Previews in this issue include Silent Scope, Half-Life, WWF Royal Rumble, Record Of Lodoss War, MTV Skateboarding, Star Lancer and the aforementioned Ferrari F355. Interesting news snippets concern themselves with the imminent launch of the Sega Sports black console (see above), the attempt to get Jet Set Radio banned in America, the Virgin Net Dreamscreen service for Dreamarena users, and the new-fangled Utopia boot disc.

Reviews in issue 12 cover Virtua Tennis, Hidden & Dangerous, AeroWings 2, F1 World Grand Prix 2, Maken X, Plasma Sword, Deep Fighter, Nightmare Creatures 2, Caesar's Palace 2000, Jet Set Radio and Mr Driller. Other notable features include the Sega Beach Soccer competition, a preview of the later cancelled Roswell Conspiracies, and talk of a Dreamcast port of Space Harrier sequel Planet Harriers.
I hope you like my new carpet and apologies if the buffoon in the flat below can be heard bouncing off the walls in the video. Here you go:


I did upload the video in 720p but for some reason the option isn't showing on YouTube. Oh well...I'm sure it's perfectly watchable in 480p. Nobody wants or needs to see my skeletal hands and arms in true HD anyway!

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