Sega Doesn't Announce Shenmue Remastered, Clickbaiters Jump On Story

Sorry, but I had to get this shit off my chest. I saw an article on Metro yesterday that wound me up so much I had to put my Vimto down as my arms were shaking so much I couldn't add the vodka held in my other hand. Pure rage was silently racing through my veins - I kid you not - when I saw the utter SHITE being peddled by a site attached to one of the biggest newspapers in the UK. It's only big because it's free mind, but still big enough to be taken seriously by idiots who read a newspaper and take everything printed therein as gospel. You know - like people who read the Daily Mail.
For those who don't know, Metro is a free newspaper that people leave on buses and trains across this fair isle and for the most part it's alright. However, when it comes to gaming news they appear to either steal content from other sites or just scour social media and jump on any old rumour they find, printing it as actual news. It's usually articles on how much old consoles are worth, but with pricing pulled out of the ether - who can forget the time they claimed a Dreamcast is worth £800? Or the time they said a Master System is worth £900 but then linked to an eBay auction for an SG-1000?
The latest debacle from these chancers is that Sega has confirmed that Shemue and Shenmue II are being released on new consoles with HD remasters.

I would like to categorically state that this is utter rubbish, and is a completely false claim. The story is that Dan Sheridan from Sega Europe answered some questions on Youtube and said that Sega were potentially investigating such a project. That Metro thinks it is acceptable to print a headline that reads 'Sega confirms Shenmue I and II HD remasters are underway' is appalling. I've seen clickbait, but this not only takes the piss - it takes the entire urinary system. And the spleen. Why, oh why does the mainstream press think it's OK to make stuff up and slap headlines like this on it...because it's just games? This type of thing completely undermines those of us who try to treat gaming as a respectable and mature medium. Shenmue and Shenmue II HD have not been confirmed by anyone - least of all Sega Europe!

This is clickbait horse shit taken to a whole new and utterly abhorrent level. Frankly, Metro should be ashamed of themselves.

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