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Six of the Best: eBay Round-Up W/E 5th June 2016

There's been a lot of negative news swirling around the Dreamcast community this week, what with certain projects imploding and certain Kickstarters being cancelled...so allow us to change the topic slightly. Starting this week, we'll be presenting a round up of some of the more interesting items we've spotted on eBay, and giving links in one handy list. Obviously these items aren't linked to us directly, but the 'have you seen this on eBay?' posts in the DCJY Facebook group do get people talking and so we thought it might make a good bi-weekly feature here at the 'Yard.
Please note that the eBay site used will be relevant to the member of the team writing the round-up, so UK-based members will be using the UK site, US-based the US site and so on. Without further ado, let's take a look at some of the most interesting Dreamcast-related items spotted this week...

First up we have this rather nice Regulation#7 Dreamcast, fully boxed with the controller and a matching black VMU. The box isn't in mint condition, but it does come with a couple of games and a Dream Passport 3 disc. Also states that it needs a step down transformer but if you've got a spare indigenous console, swapping the power boards out takes 5 minutes. Link here.

Another special edition system, the Sega Sports Dreamcast is quite an uncommon beast on British shores. That said, NTSC-U systems in general are quite uncommon, and I believe this is due to the import charges for electronics coming from the US. This specimen comes with the matching controller, a VGA box and a step down block. As with the R#7, we'd recommend swapping that power board for a native one if you aren't in the US. Link here.

This is quite interesting - I don't think I've ever seen this box set before. It's really only the Japanese version of Sega's zombie-infested take on Mavis Beacon, but the special edition comes with a bundled keyboard and the packaging is quite nice. This one is located in Japan and the auction is listed in dollars, so be aware of that if you fancy taking a punt on this unique little item. Link Here.

It's not common knowledge that Sega released an official memory unit that was 4-in-1, and these are pretty uncommon outside of Japan. It'd have been nice if the unit had also included a screen like a regular VMU alongside the lights to dictate which card you were accessing...but you can't have it all. As with the Typing Of The Dead bundle above, this one is located in Japan and postage is pretty expensive...but if you've got the cash to splash this is a cool (and useful) item to own. Link Here.

I'm pretty sure these weren't £100 when they went on sale in 2015, but seeing as you can't buy them anymore the price was always going to go up. This particular example of Data-Discs' Shenmue OST vinyl record is still sealed in it's plastic wrapping, and has been framed by the owner who also admits to not even possessing a record player. To this end, all of the contents including art prints are intact and untouched like the virgin snow. Cough. Link here.

Not going to lie - I've never heard of Di Gi Charat. I thought it might be an electronic vegetable. If you got that piss-poor attempt at humour, you have my sympathy. After a quick Google I deduced that Di Gi Charat is a Manga series popular in Japan which has spawned a number of movies, trading cards and all kinds of associated tat. The main draw for this auction though is not the Dreamcast game of the same name (it's a visual novel, according to Wikipedia), it's the special edition VMU that comes with it. I have never seen this variant before and I'm aware that there is a community of people out there who do collect unusual VMUs...so this one's for you. Again this is located in Japan so make concessions for shipping if you pull the trigger. Unless you're in Japan, obviously. Link here.

There we are then. Six of the best/most unusual auctions on eBay at the time of writing. Obviously, if you're reading this in the future these auctions will be over and the items will be unavailable; but hopefully this new series will help to make people aware of the gems I stumble across while mindlessly browsing eBay at 3am. Don't drink coffee at 11pm, kids.


Ober Azúa said...

The Di-gi Charat <3

SkillJim said...

Just for anyone considering that Shenmue Vinyl at £100, hold out, as this was only £25 delivered a few months back. Someones obviously trying to make a fast buck out of the fact that the record is currently "Sold out".

Data Discs have been known to add some old stock back on to their site, or in a couple of instances, add a fresh batch back to the line. They just tweeted the following -

"Ahead of a very busy summer of releases, we'll be going through our stock later this week and adding a bunch of old stuff to the site."

Whether or not that'll be the Shenmue soundtrack, i'm not sure about, but worth holding out and seeing what they have :)

thelatestmodel said...

Speak of the devil, Shenmue soundtrack is back in stock!