Sturmwind Available Now, Throwback Edition With Kraken Plushie Coming Soon

As reported here a few days ago, Duranik's Sturmwind is now available to purchase for the tidy sum of €35/£30 at Dragon Box. The game is a re-print of the original Sturmwind released in 2013 and comes on a professionally pressed disc with a full colour manual in a jewel case. As we've said many, many times here at the Junkyard, Sturmwind is a truly stunning shmup and for this price you'd be mad not to snap a copy up. Shipping can be pricey (it added almost another £10 for shipping to the UK), so if you're based in the US you might want to wait a few days for online retailer The Bit Station to open orders. Pre-orders at The Bit Station will run from 23rd December to 6th January, when the games will be sent out to buyers.
We can also exclusively reveal that The Bit Station will be offering a 'Throwback Edition' of Sturmwind, which will ship with extras from the special edition of the game:

"We are revealing exclusively to you is that The Bit Station will be carrying an exclusive 'Throwback Edition' of the Sturmwind re-release. This edition will be made available on our site for general sale sometime in mid to late January after the pre-orders have closed and begin shipping. This edition will be sold in extremely limited quantities due to the nature of what they contain. We have been working with Duranik, searching high and low, to track down the last remaining plush Kraken toys (see below) produced by RedSpotGames. 
These were included in their 'limited edition' version and were later sold for a short time on their website individually. To our knowledge, these are the last Krakens to be made available outside of the second hand market. Duranik has confirmed that they have no intention of reproducing these in the future. The "Throwback Edition" will include a normal copy of the re-release, as well as the plush Kraken toy. The price for this edition is TBA, but will be made public prior to it's release. Once again, I must stress these will be made available in extremely limited quantities!"

This is awesome work on the part of The Bit Station, as tracking down those Kraken toys will allow collectors who weren't able to secure the original limited edition another opportunity to adorn their gaming shelves with one of those adorable Cthulhu-esque tentacled nightmares. Um. Anyway, hit the image links below to visit both Dragon box and The Bit Station to get your Sturmwind on!

Update: Online retailer Retro Players will now also be offering Sturmwind for those based in UK!
US Gamers head to The Bit Station to order
European gamers head to Dragon Box to buy now
UK gamers head over to Retro Players to order

If you need any more convincing, here's a video from Dragon Box showing Sturmwind in action:


Unknown said...

Different disc art which means the OCD Dreamcast community with if I could guess makes about 75% of those that buy indie DC games will still covet the first print because the 'art' is different.

Unknown said...

We also have stock incoming for UK buyers. Stock is on the way and should be in stock by January 3rd. The price including delivery should match that of Dragonbox, but will be in the UK and see delivery turn around of 2-3 days, here is the product page:

Unknown said...

only game I own for my Dreamcast that will not play on my system. buyers beware... my system was manufactured in January of 2000.