Akura HDMI Cable + XRGB Framemeister - Plus Q&A Live Stream

The title says it all really. I recently purchased the Akura HDMI cable for Dreamcast and have been fiddling around with mixed results. By far the best quality I've been able to get out of it so far has been by pairing it with the XRGB Mini. 

Here's a quick capture uploaded to YouTube, be sure to set it to 1080p and judge for yourself.

Akura HDMI cable + Framemeister XRGB Mini

We'll be holding a live Q&A at 9am this Saturday (17th June) on our Facebook page. The format of the Q&A will be a live stream of the Japanese version of Shenmue running on original DC hardware. I fancy myself as a bit of a videophile when it comes to the DC, so be sure to tune in and ask any questions related to upscaling, capturing footage, cables, CRTs or anything else that takes your fancy. No holds barred!

For comparison's sake, here's the same footage captured using the Toro VGA cable with the XRGB Mini:

Toro VGA cable + Framemeister XRGB Mini

Remember folks: Saturday 17th June, 10am BST (that's 6pm in Japan where I live, just so you know). On The Dreamcast Junkyard's Facebook page. See you there!


Teddy Rogers said...

I have an Akura and I have mixed reservations about it. I still find using Toro with OSSC gives me best results for using with modern displays. For capturing I go directly from the Toro to VGA input on my capture card.

I don't have a Facebook account. Is there a way of not missing out on the Q&A? I am interested in the discussions and topics you guys will be running for upscaling and capturing.

The 1 Ross said...

Thanks for the comment. Upon further inspection, I do believe there is a fairly noticeable difference between the two, although perhaps not large enough to warrant an additional purchase if you already own the Toro.

Pause the videos above of the Toro at 2:35 and Akura at 2:40, set to 1080p then fullscreen.

The akura outputs a sharper image with next to zero colour bleeding. Look at the legs of the candle and the shadow around it as well as the background and the textures on the wooden floor and walls. Check out the clarity of textures on Iwao's face. It all looks so much clearer when using the Akura.

I've never used the OSSC but have only heard good things about it. The problem with the Akura alone is that it's not an upscaler, it only outputs at 480p, so you're relying on your TV/Monitor's built in upscaler rather than the superior XRGB Mini or OSSC. I tried it on two of my PC monitors and it looked like absolute garbage when i connected it directly.

Sorry, there isn't really anyway for you to tune in I'm afraid. You could just make a quick fake FB account and search "Dreamcast Junkyard" I suppose.