Dreamcast pad working on Nintendo Switch

We here at the Dreamcast Junkyard love our sometimes unfairly maligned controller, however have you ever wished you could use your beloved VMU housing beaut on your Nintendo Switch? Well, no me neither, but now you can anyway.

Forced to use a screen shot of a YT video? You betcha!

Whilst not being someone I was previously aware of. Popular Youtuber tinkerman 'My Mate Vince' was recently brought to our attention for his video detailing getting the Dreamcast controller working on the Nintendo Switch. Impressively in both handheld and docked mode.

Using the Mayflash Dreamcast to USB adaptor and a Titan One adaptor My Mate Vince gets the pad functioning and overcomes the lack of buttons that mirror up to an actual controller for the system, before going on to play Dreamcast classic Ikaruga. (Covered via Tom here)

Not wanting to just completely paraphrase his video too much and detract from his fine work, but personally thought it was a nice oddity to point people towards. So go give it a check for yourself and let us know if you give it a try.

A parting tidbit I did find interesting is that he mentions having issues with it 'measuring a right analogue input.' despite the lack of such a stick and how he combated that. And this has made me determined that at least one of you lot out there could get the Twin Sticks working if you have all this kit. We were told by the 'Xenocrisis' creators that all Dreamcast games are actually set up to receive a second stick input. As they are looking at Twin stick compatibility for the games upcoming Mega Drive and Dreamcast release. So wonder if this is potentially a side effect of that.

Anyway enjoy, and never let the dream die.

Overly artistic shot of the Twin Stick

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hoogafanter said...

I'd love to use a DC controller for my switch and my PS4, but all those adapters seem way too cumbersome...