How To : Get online with DreamKey 3.0

The Dreamcast Junkyard's very own, James Jarvis has put together this rather handy video guide, showing step by step how to connect to the Internet using the Dreamkey 3.0 disk. Check it out below!

With the eggheads over at Dreamcast Live updating websites that revive many online features for games previously lost in time (such as Chu Chu Rocket, Sonic Adventure and Jet Set Radio among many others), while also providing servers to play over twenty titles online, there's never been a better time to get your console connected.

Of course, you'll need to have a method of connecting your console online, such as our personal favourite, the DreamPi Kit


Anthony817 said...

I got a Pi Zero regular model, Lenovo RD92 D400 USB fax modem, and a $1 Chinese WiFi dongle, all for under $20 bucks. Had to do that as the Pi I got has no built in WiFi, but it was only $5 on Adafruit with maybe $415 shipping. Only thing I have to provide is the power unit, which most people including I have laying around, are a spare 4gb micro SD card, a spare USB hub, and Line Voltage Inducer(this is the only tricky part).

Anyways, just letting people know that you can build these things for around or under $20 when you only have to buy the Pi Zero, USB modem and WiFi dongle. I planned on making mine internal in my DC so I can run it with WIFI, but others can keep the larger ones external. If you want to see what all I had to buy, check out my thread where I am detailing progress here.

Just hoping to help those people out who would rather build one for the absolute cheapest than to have to shell out $90!

Anthony817 said...

Sorry I made a typos, I meant $4.15 shipping on the Pi!