Let's take a look at Shenmue World from Shenmue Dojo

You may recall we featured the upcoming Shenmue World magazine Kickstarter here at the Junkyard in the recent past. Well, the day has arrived. What day is that? The day of Shenmue World's arrival, of course! Yes, Shenmue Dojo's crowd funded ode to all things Shenmue has started to drop through letterboxes around the world, and we thought we would give you a bit if a sneak peak at what comes in the package.

Please note that if you'd rather wait to see all this stuff for yourself, probably don't watch the video below as it contains major spoilers. Well, major spoilers if you backed the project without reading what you might get in return for your cash. Also, sorry about the little noise in the video. It's just something my ancient Sony camcorder does. I'll invest in a new one at some point. Suggestions for a decent, cheap camera that doesn't make a whirring noise appreciated!

The magazine weighs in at 162 pages and is packed with interviews, character profiles, Shenmue history, facts and figures and a history of the Shenmue Dojo itself. There's a lot stuffed into this inaugural issue, and anyone who backed it is unlikely to feel short changed. Furthermore, the additional items that come with the magazine are really rather cool and comprise a music CD, postcards, signed photos, stickers and a poster. It's a great package for the price (it was £20 including shipping, if I recall), and James and the rest of the team should be congratulated for creating a top quality magazine.

Check out the Shenmue Dojo website and Twitter, and the Shenmue World Twitter if you'd like to find out more. Let us know in the comments if you backed Shenmue World and what your thoughts are.


SkillJim said...

Wow Tom! Wasn’t expecting a full video! That was really fantastic, thanks for taking the time to do this :). Really interesting to see someone actually opening and looking through all the various things that have been created, a bit surreal really, especially from a website like yourselves! Really appreciative of the DCJY’s support and coverage. Gonna propose it now, but how about another attempt a your own Dreamcast fan book? I know Mike had a bit of a sore situation that one time, but your website is jam-packed with special content througout the years, and i’m sure a curation of that content reminiscent of those classic Dreamcast Magazines! - Incidentally, excited to see how Andrews ‘zine turns out! 😊, thanks again mate!

Tom Charnock said...

Thanks Jim - glad the video was up to scratch. I really need a better camera though. This is Sony getting it's own back on me for badmouthing the PS2 haha! On the topic of a DCJY book, it's a great idea and one we have been discussing behind the scenes. Even just a sort of physical version of some of our articles and features. I'm pretty sure we couldn't be told not to create a book of our own original content! But yeah, great work with Shenmue World, it's really apparent how much work went into it - great job and congrats sir :)

Lewis Cox said...

It’s an excellent package, clearly a lot of love and attention has gone into its creation. The magazine genuinely feels like something you might pick up in a store, but still retains the fan-made feel that we all love.