Kickstarter launches for Ambitious Multi-Platform RPG “Breath of Thunder” - includes Dreamcast stretch goal!

Update (11/03/2024): Due to online feedback, the creator of this Kickstarter has pulled all the stretch goals for retro systems, including Dreamcast.

It must be Dreamcast Kickstarter launch fever recently, as another new Kickstarter campaign was brought to my attention today in the Junkyard Discord by user Techno Hammer. For a goal of 30,510 AUD, developer Jerrel Dulay wants to develop an old school-style JRPG called "Breath of Thunder" for multiple modern systems, including the Switch, PC, the Atari VCS (the newer one that no one ever talks about, not the 2600), the PlayDate and the PS Vita (as free homebrew). But the project's ambitions for being a multi-platform release don't stop there, however...

I hadn't heard of Jerrel before, but from reading up on him, it seems he has a lot of development experience with a whole range of systems, with his survival horror series Silver Falls seeing releases across multiple platforms, such as the Game Boy, Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance, PSP, PS Vita, 3DS, Wii U, and Switch. He has even just delivered a Kickstarter-funded Silver Falls entry on the gosh darn Pokémon Mini, of all things!

This actually looks really nice.

The game itself looks to pay homage to the kind of turn-based RPGs that were beloved on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, like Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire (it’s in the name!), Dragon Quest, and Secret of Mana; though that is probably the least interesting part of this campaign. Remember how I said Jerrel had development experience with lots of different systems? Well, if multiple stretch goals are reached, this game could come to eleven more potential systems, both modern and retro, including our beloved Dreamcast. Get a load of this list:

  • Sony PSP for 48k AUD
  • Nintendo DS for 61k AUD
  • Game Boy Color for 91k AUD
  • Dreamcast for 152k AUD
  • PlayStation 4 and 5 for 168k AUD
  • Xbox Series S and X for 168k AUD
  • PlayStation 1 for 229k AUD
  • Atari Jaguar for 305k AUD (Tom will appreciate this, I'm sure.)
  • Sega Saturn for 543k AUD
  • Game Boy Advance for 611k AUD
  • Nintendo Virtual Boy for 760k AUD
  • Other consoles that haven't even thought of yet for 916k AUD

All of the stretch goals for the retro systems mention that they are "unique" versions. On Jerrel’s channel, he showcases an early concept for the Atari Jaguar version and explains that it would have pre-rendered backgrounds instead of being 3D to avoid technical hiccups. I imagine this is most likely what would happen with the potential Dreamcast version, along with other retro versions. Also, for all the retro systems, including the Dreamcast, ROMs will be distributed for free upon completion, for play on an emulator (or maybe even an ODE?)

Jerrel also put a video out explaining how he’d be able to tackle so many systems if the stretch goals were successful, which you can watch below.

I guess we'll have to see how the Kickstarter campaign pans out as to whether or not a Dreamcast version will be available even happen at all. Anyway, if you'd like to back this project, the campaign can be found here.


JRod said...

This seems a bit overly ambitious

DCGX said...

lol yeah, just a bit. The 'Silver Falls' series has it fans, but I wouldn't call them outright good games. The guy tries his best, and I don't know him for that. I guess we'll see.

Jerrel Dulay said...

Ah, well, that was brutal. Hahaha. Hi. I'm the developer of Silver Falls and Breath of Thunder. Have a good day!

Stephen said...

@JRod That's how Jerrel roles, man. If it's not an insane challenge, he doesn't bother.

@DCGX You've clearly not played the games or at least not played them recently. When it launched, yeah, 3 Down Stars was rough; it was the dude's first major release. It was updated to DRAMATICALLY improve visuals and performance, though. I've played literally every game in the series from start to finish, and Jerrel has come a long way as a developer and really honed his skill. The most recent release, Guardians and Metal Exterminators S on Switch, is absolutely fantastic and one of my go-to comfort food games. I'd urge you to re-evaluate your negative stance on the series based on the present, not years in the past.

SuperPixelPals said...

I've really enjoyed a lot of the Silver Falls games, especially White inside It's Umbra, Gaiden Deathly Delusion Destoryers and most recently Guardians and Metal Exterminators S on switch. The dude definitely is a talented dev and the playble vibe check he just put out for it is really nice. Definitely looking forward to this RPG.

I don't think it's ambitious at all. All of the stretch goals are behind tiers so it's not like he's planning to make all of the games immediately, it's only if the tiers are met. It also clearly states the first-tier platforms will be completed first.

DCGX said...

I totally missed this crash and burn. It clearly was too ambitious.

Look, the guy seems cool and I admire his scope, but listening to his most recent video, he's still biting off way more than he can chew. He talks about what he's currently working on outside his whole plan for 'Breathe of Thunder,' and it doesn't like sound those endeavors are really bringing in revenue since they aren't finished, and he wants to crowdfund again for this project. Help from the homebrew scene or not, it's so much of an undertaking for one person, and now he's mainly talking about getting demos out. I'm sorry, this doesn't seem like a viable project with a very viable plan.