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DCJY welcomes Chris Scullion

In episode 121 of our podcast, the DreamPod, Kev and Mike welcome the one and only Chris Scullion! 

I'm sure many people are well aware of who Chris is, but if you aren't, he is a long-time video games journalist who was most notably the longest-running staff member at Official Nintendo Magazine UK, but has also written for many other UK gaming magazines such as Official Xbox Magazine, Official PlayStation Magazine, and Retro Gamer, along with a plethora of other online gaming media. 

On this DreamPod episode, we talk to Chris all about his brand new book “The Dreamcast Encyclopedia”, the latest in his series of books that review every game on specific systems. We chat to Chris about the writing process for the book, the games that stood out, and more!

The Dreamcast Encylopedia is available to purchase now from Pen and Sword books. The book will see a general release in North America by the end of the year, but can already be pre-ordered from sites like Amazon. We will be sure to review it on the blog when we get our copy!

You can listen to this episode of the DreamPod and all of our previous episodes on Buzzsprout, along with all great podcatchers. A big thank you to Chris for coming on the DreamPod.

The Retro Hour welcomes DCJY

The Retro Hour logo

We are excited to announce that we were recently invited to guest on The Retro Hour podcast, and the episode (number 377) has gone up online today

If you’re in retro gaming circles then you’re undoubtedly aware of The Retro Hour, but for those not in the know, they are an independent podcast that has been running since 2016. Every week, hosts Dan Wood, Ravi Abbott and Joe Fox cover retro gaming news, and speak to a guest from the video game industry or the wider retro gaming community.

Myself (Lewis Cox) and Mike Phelan were invited on to talk all about why the Dreamcast is so beloved and still retains such a bustling fanbase in the year 2023. We also chat about The Dreamcast Junkyard's origins, and our podcast, the DreamPod. It was a great chat, and one that we hope will not only please long-time fans of the Dreamcast, but also intrigue those who were perhaps not aware of the fact the Dreamcast community is still so active a whole 22 years after its discontinuation. Listen at the link below, or on all good podcast services.

Thanks again to the guys at The Retro Hour podcast for having us. We were already fans of the podcast here at The Dreamcast Junkyard, so it was great to be invited on as guests. Everything The Retro Hour can be found on their website. They can also be found on Twitter here.

Video Game History Foundation welcomes DCJY

It's not often we get invited to guest on other podcasts, but when we do it's always a pleasure. In this case, those lovely folks at the Video Game History Foundation reached out to us and asked if we'd like to join them for episode 99 of the Video Game History Hour podcast to share our memories of the Dreamcast launch from the perspective of gamers on opposite sides of the pond. That pond being the Atlantic Ocean, naturally.

So in episode 99 of the Video Game History Hour, Tom and Brian joined Frank Cifaldi and Kelsey Lewin to discuss what it was like for Dreamcast fans waiting for the release of the system in both the US and Europe, the significance of 9/9/99, the delayed release in Europe, the different packaging and advertising campaigns on the two continents and just why the Dreamcast has such a lasting appeal all these years later. Listen at the link below, or on all the usual podcast services.

It was an honour to be asked to appear on the Video Game History Hour, even moreso considering how much great work the Video Game History Foundation does to help preserve the heritage of the hobby we all love. On a personal level I've followed the work of Frank and Kelsey and the Video Game History Foundation for quite some time, so it was a privilege to be able to converse with them both over the course of the podcast episode.

I should also add that the Video Game History Hour is a podcast that I regularly listen to, with each episode featuring a guest that has their own niche or area of expertise. There are some absolutely fascinating topics covered in the back catalogue, so I would implore anybody with an interest in obscure gaming topics to explore previous episodes. After you've listened to episode 99, of course.

Thanks again to Frank, Kelsey, Robin, Brian and eveyone else involved. Visit the Video Game History Foundation here, find the all episodes of the Video Game History Hour here, follow on Twitter here.

DreamPod - Episode 57

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DreamPod - Episode 49

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DreamPod - Episode 48 Featuring DC Gaga

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If you'd like to know more about DC Gaga, you can find the main site here, and also find Jamie on Twitter and Facebook. The article on the Dream Library download service is located here, and you can find our previous articles on the Dreameye, Dreamcast karaoke unit and the DC-Free service by clicking on/tapping the various inline links. If you like what you've heard, please consider leaving us an iTune review and as ever, thanks to everyone who donates to our Patreon.