Fideo Fri..oh shit..SATURDAY! #4

Oops, I completely forgot about this week's video yesterday, so here's one a day later! Just pretend it's Friday, you've just got back from work, and Have I Got News for You will be on in a few hours.

This week's video is a pretty in-depth, somewhat amazing documentary on Soul Calibur called "The Legend Will never Die!" starring a group of stoner's who mumble about the Zen quality of the game while their girlfriends moan about not getting boned often enough. This one's a lengthy piece, a whole ten minutes, but it's well worth your time, trust me (or don't, you might find it to be a complete waste of time, but then that'll because you just WASN'T THERE.)


fatherkrishna said...

Good video and we'll forgive you for the days lateness! :)

NebachadnezzaR said...

I've seen this before and it's great to see that so many years after the dreamcast's "official death" there's still so many people addicted to it.

Most people are like us here in the yeard, playing a bit of everything, but the fact that there are people that just play one game in particular really says a lot about the quality of some dreamcast games.

And that dude that plays with the other fingers instead of the thumb... Man, that's l33t! xD

Now that i think of it, i really should show this to a friend of mine that is crazy about Soul Calibur. It was one of is first dreamcast games, i think, and the guy played it so much that he knew some serious combos.

Caleb said...

I have a link to this video.

I thought it was very well done with the segments to the prof and the "other gamers" who don't respect the Dreamcast. I loved the quote from they guy who said he could keep getting better and better at the Dreamcast.

As for the "1337" finger method?

..I dunno. I always thought that people that played that way are just trying to get a "button mashing" advantage. Or they have lazy thumbs.

I played against a guy recently who used to play for money in 1999 and he used that finger method. I destroyed him.

I guess it's how you like to play but I think that most people that use that method are just button mashers. Or people with really small or really large thumbs I guess.

Ross said...

C'mon, Soulcalibur is not as good as games like Virtua Fighter or Tekken, or even 2D series like Street Fighter or Marvel vs Capcom (too bad we won't ever see another one). It is still a good series though, and those guys on the videos are certainly hardcore fans.

Animated AF said...

Tekken has cool characters, but I've always found it rather clunky to play: moves simply don't flow together quite how you would expect them to. Virtua Fighter is a game you really need to master to get a lot of enjoyment out of. Soul Calibur feels like a great balance of the best elements from these fighters. It's a game you don't even have to be a gamer to enjoy.