First Soul Calibur XBLA screens

As I'm pretty sure you all know, Soul Calibur, the best launch game ever and still one of the best fighting games ever made (if not THE best), is coming to Microsoft's game download service, Xbox Live Arcade. This conversion is enshrouded in some controversy, due to the fact that it's going to lack any sort of online play, making it somewhat redundant. After all, exactly why would we want to play for it if we're not getting anything new? Of course, there's the online leaderboards and the HD graphics, but speaking of those, and as expected, they don't look that much better than the Dreamcast game running on a HD tv through a VGA cable. See for yourself here (they're probably on other sites too, but this was the one I saw them on first, so here it goes), and share your thoughts on this matter.


Anonymous said...

Ik looks pretty much the same as it did in '99 doesn't it? It looked great then so it still does but couldn't they at least have made it 16:9?

fatherkrishna said...

Personally I'll get it (like I did Ikaruga) because of the online leader board and because I can play it with wireless controllers.
Plus I like the idea of supporting Dreamcast games on current gen consoles)