Dramatic Gamestation U-Turn!

Well, not quite. You may recall Father Krishna's post a few weeks back documenting Gamestation's outrageous (but unconfirmed) policy of incinerating unsold games of yesteryear in some sort of macabre retro holocaust. Imagine my suprise then, whilst having a nose around a local branch of Gamestation I noticed the tiniest of Dreamcast 'sections' peeping out from under a load of Gamecube titles:

This 'section' comprised dog-eared copies of Ready 2 Rumble and MSR (sans box cover) but also contained Jet Set Radio and Shenmue. I also found it quite apt that several of the Gamecube games above were ports of Dreamcast games.

And you thought mobile phone cameras were useless!


NebachadnezzaR said...

Nice, and there's a Saturn game too in the corner!

Tom Charnock said...

the megadrive game next to the saturn one is phantasy star. Is it collectable?

Animated AF said...

Darn, Shenmue for just £10 and Soul Caliber for £3! maybe some of the stores are trying to flog their last retro stock off after all. The Saturn is Street Fighter Alpha 2, I believe. And yes, Phantasy Star is pretty collectible, I wonder how much they were charging for that?

fatherkrishna said...

Well, well, well! What part of this sceptered Isle did you find this particular branch?

Did you enquire what the store's policy on stocking retro titles is?

I find it very hopeful that there is still Dreamcast stuff on the shelves there. I wonder how long it will last?

BTW Wii owners can dowload Phantasy Star on the Virtual Console.

Caleb said...


At least some stores put games out.

During 2007 I found out that a number of Gamestops near me in fact DID have Dreamcast stuff in the stores but they never put it out for customers to buy.

Badbrains said...

A glimmer of hope!

Anonymous said...

Its amazing that gamestation planned to just destroy them. Its utter madness.