Samba De Amigo Dancer

I make no apologies for this post. Not strictly Dreamcast? Check! Poor quality video? Check! Father Krishna posting drunkenly with a small amount of hours before he has to turn up for work? Check! It seems to tick all the boxes in my world right now, so I thought I'd subject you all to it.

Now we all know that the Dreamcast was host to a number of great arcade ports, but how often do you get to see the machine that spawned the home console game? Here we have a dance sequence comparable only to Napoleon Dynamite's stunning opus that won Pedro the election, but this time, it's on Samba De Amigo.

I'll throw up the Gagaman(n)'s wicked moves on the Dreamcast port so you can compare the beauty of playing in the arcade, to the excellence of playing it at home.

So there you go, one great game, two formats and the Wii incarnation isn't even in the shops yet.

BTW, the arcade video was first revealed to me by the most excellent Nick 944, over at the Planet Dreamcast Forum. Our youngest commenter and appreciator of all things Dreamcast, the dude deserves a mention. Nick, G-Man(n), Samba De Amigo and the unknown cat who gives it his all in the arcade, we at the Dreamcast Junkyard salute you.


ColdsnapBryan said...

that kid shreds

NebachadnezzaR said...

Don't worry, Father, there are worse posts out there...

About that video, I actually paused winamp (at the time playing Nocturnal Rites, the guys from the Naruto video I posted on my blog) just to see it in all it's glory, and that kid is my fucking hero!

Really, if there's something I love is people who, literally in this case, "dance like there's no one watching", even if they're in an arcade full of people. The world needs more people like this guy.

Animated AF said...

Did you see the trailer for the Wii game? It had a crazy maraca wielding chimp ringing on some families door, it's so awesome. Looking forward to buying the game for the 5th time (That every region of the first game and ver.2000)!

Anonymous said...

I need to buy Samba De Amigo soon.. too bad I'm about to be broke, I'm buying Trigger Heart Exelica LE from ebay lol

Caleb said...

You will notice that in that commerical the Monkey was holding REAL fake Maracas not Wii-motes.

I hope they make some decent Maracas for that game. Then I will have a reason to buy a Wii.

...But really? If you saw a chimp on your porch would you let it in???

I hope this ad doesn't shy away older players from trying out this game.