Classic Game Room HD - Crazy Taxi 2

The Dreamcast Junkyard always likes to see a Dreamcast game featured on Classic Game Room HD. This time, Mark plays Crazy Taxi 2 and reminds us of how awesome a game it is. Mark makes a good point too, stating that despite the many ports of the original Crazy Taxi, there has yet to be another home console port of Crazy Taxi 2. This one is still a Dreamcast exclusive!

Speaking of Classic Game Room, I wanted to give a shout out to a DVD documentary which follows the early years of the internet gaming show. Titled "Classic Game Room: The Rise And Fall Of The Internet's Greatest Video Game Review Show" and released in 2007, the 100 minute documentary is narrated by Mark and features a number of early episodes intercut with new footage. Dreamcast fans should take note that the series began just two months after the American launch of the Dreamcast, so some of the included video reviews cover Dreamcast games. It's a fun documentary, with Mark never taking the subject matter too seriously, and it's a nice time capsule for Dreamcast fans who recall the early days of the console. Yes there are cheesy jokes, and the guys behind the original shows aren't seasoned professionals, but the early episodes have a public access charm and the grown up Mark is an apt filmmaker.

While the DVD shows up on most major retail sites, it isn't often in stock. The only place I've found it in stock was and I can confirm that they do have it as I ordered it from them a few months back and received it within a few days. The DVD is also available to rent on Netflix, so add it to your queue. The Dreamcast episodes included are SEGA GT and Seaman and there is also a review of X-Men for the SEGA Genesis.


pcwzrd13 said...

Actually the game is on PSP as well. Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars has Crazy Taxi 1 & 2 on it.

Barry the Nomad said...

Ah! Yes, I did factor that one in, but thanks for mentioning it. I had said "home console port" so I could refer only to home consoles and not portables.

How well does it play? Is it even with the Dreamcast version?

pcwzrd13 said...

I don't actually own it but the Gamespot review says it has some slowdown. I might pick it up just to try it though.

gnome said...

Ah yes, what a lovely video on a lovely game. Time to play it again then!

elisio said...

Crazy Taxi 2's New York is playable in Crazy Taxi 3 for the original Xbox. Even the original Crazy Taxi city is included, with some revisions.

snake said...

Ah good old Crazy Taxi.

If you guys are interested i recently made a fan page for Crazy Taxi Flash Games.

The graphics and the effects are a bit medieval (even before Sega Mega Drive Times) but the gameplay rocks.

Heres the Crazy Taxi Site: Crazy Taxi Games