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DCJY InsideOut & Rummage - Bomber hehhe!

It's about time I make a Rummage video! I've had a sealed copy of "Bomber hehhe!" on the shelf for a little over a month, and knew I had to record myself opening it. What started as an InsideOut snowballed into a Rummage thanks to a vacation day. Join me as I blow buildings up in this crazy obscure import!


Animated AF said...

Really wanna grab a copy of this, no copies up at the moment plus it's always pretty expensive for what it is.

Great video, never knew about the mini games. Could of maybe of done with taking the loading screens out though to shave some time off the video.

Barry the Nomad said...

Thanks! Yeah, I was seeing copies up on ebay's US site though they might not show up on international ebay sites. Hope you snag a copy!

Believe it or not, I actually deleted roughly 3/4ths of the loading times, there are quite a few in the game. Though the game itself is worth the loading wait.

mazonemayu said...

good game, have had it for years now, not for everyone, but good game

Mr Riffbear said...

There a few copies on ebay for cheap atm.