New Hypertension gameplay

Remember this upcoming homebrew/indie Dreamcast release? Well I've been sent over this new footage to show you lot of it, showing off a split screen mode, though it turns out both players are being played by one person here, using a mouse for one player and a keyboard for the other! The team are even aiming for net play with this, however tricky that may be!


Category said...

I am so psyched for this game. Looks like they need to work on the enemy AI a bit (or was it just on a super easy mode?)

Barry the Nomad said...

I've been waiting for news on this! I even made a DreamcastJunkyard account on their forums a while back. Really hoping it gets a disc release. From what I remember reading, they can't sell for profit but they could sell to pay for the discs, cases and shipping.

Corbin said...

AI is fine - the additional player and the viewpoint split made them unresponsive, but we fixed that now.

Wish I had waited to announce this, we just recently came to the decision to scrap and reboot in another form. Since this was close to being finished, we were getting worried about a possible presence looming to shut us down. It's depressing after all the years of work, but better safe than sorry, and hopefully we can make something original and innovative out of this.

We will know by September if we can still release this without getting in trouble or not.