10th Anniversary Competition Bonus Stage - Winners!

Once again, massive thanks to Play-Asia.com for supplying us with the prizes for this, our final 10th anniversary competition; and thanks to everyone who entered. The VMU images seem to have flummoxed most of you (it wasn't meant to be easy!), but that said most of you got the vast majority of them right. So well done. Before we announce the winners, here are the answers:

How many did you get right? In truth, nobody got them all 100% correct but as stated in the original post, if that happened, the entrants with the next best number of correct answers would be crowned winners and recieve a prize. And so here they are:

1st Prize Winners: Mike Lodato & Alex Young
Runners Up: Yu Kajima, Ricardo Almeida & Anna Frohling
Well done to you all, and thanks again to Play-Asia.com for supplying us with copies of Dux and ReDux. Winners will also get a copy of our DCJY Collectors Guide. We hope you enjoyed the competition, and remember: keep dreaming!


Anonymous said...

Holy crap! Some of these I guessed correctly-then proceeded to second guess myself! But I still won somehow, so Yay!

xanderten50 said...

Last Blade! Gah - that one flumoxxed me... that said, I managed to get a couple wrong that I should know off by heart *looks at Red Dog and hangs head in shame*