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Pier Solar Collector's Edition Gallery

Pier Solar has finally shipped and the general consensus is that it's a fine game, and that Watermelon has done a really good job with the packaging and variations on PAL, NTSC-U and NTSC-J Dreamcast boxes. The ultimate variant of Pier Solar appears to be the Collector's Edition, and fellow Dreamcast collector and blogger Blue Swirl has supplied me with some images of the packaging, extras and guide book that come as part of this lovely set. The gallery is below, but here's what Blue Swirl had to say about the Collector's Edition:

I recently received the Collector's Edition of Pier Solar for Dreamcast and thought you might like some photos.

I went with the PAL variation, it came wrapped in custom gold wrapping paper (an early Christmas present!) and it's really nicely done with gold ink on the game cover, inlay and manual. They also authentically recreated the PAL Dreamcast cases too - hopefully the plastic hinges are a little stronger though!

There are some pictures of the guide too, which comes bound in a faux leather cover embossed with the logo. I have to say they do go to some extremes for an indie developer, it's very professionally done.
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We have to agree that it does look very nice, especially the guide book. Pier Solar is out now and available to buy from Watermelon's website and you can visit Blue Swirl's Dreamcast blog here. Also, be sure to check out Caleb's Pier Solar first look video here.


Joe said...

I bought the guide book separately and it really is beautiful! The collection looks pretty cool, especially the little figures.

Animated AF said...

The mug reminds me of the old Panorama Cotton mug for the Mega Drive game, AKA one of the ost sought after Sega special editions. I'm sure they were influenced by that with it's design and inclusion heh.

DCGX said...

I was blown away by the quality of both the collectors edition and the guide as soon as it arrived. So awesome!

BlueSwirl said...

@The GagaMan(n) I never knew there was going to be a mug as part of the collection, I thought it was a little strange to be honest lol

Unknown said...

How come Indie developer can give us such a beatiful release for dreamcast that is "dead"for a long time and big titles on one or ps4 looks like crap? Its a really bad times for gaming :( big love for the dreamcast:)and water melon :)

Unknown said...

Even standard edition looks amazing:)