Dreamcast Magazine Issue 2

The second issue of Paragon Publishing's Dreamcast Magazine went on sale in the UK on 21st October 1999 for the princely sum of £2.95. While the first issue was more of a preview and had practically zero reader participation (for obvious reasons), issue 2 was more fleshed out and had a mail section for reader letters and a high score section to which readers could submit their best attempts at various Dreamcast games. Other new sections introduced for issue 2 included import reviews and the free gift was a Virtua Fighter 3tb solutions booklet.

The cover feature was for a report on upcoming zombie-themed titles, and other highlights were a look at the worldwide differences in Dreamcast advertising and reviews of Soul Calibur, Speed Devils and Red Dog. Elsewhere the Forecast section throws up some more 'lost' games in Arcatera, Title Defense [sic] Boxing and Felony Pursuit (see scans above) and the Newscast sheds some light on the Dreamcast's delayed PAL launch. Anyway, enough blathering from me - enjoy the video!
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RJAY63 said...

Hi Tom, have you got issue 18 of this magazine by any chance? I'm looking for the results of an MSR "Beat Bizzare Creations" competition and there's a small chance they may be contained within. However it's highly likely this competition was abandoned.

Re Issue 2: the "High Score Heroes" section mentioned in issue 2 seemed to disappear without trace in later issues. I never saw any results printed at all.

PS Check your Youtube account ;)

Tom Charnock said...

RJAY63 - I have looked, and there is no mention of any MSR results sorry!

RJAY63 said...

Thanks for confirming Tom