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Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles Re-Released

Yuan Works' Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles is one of the most highly regarded independent games on every platform it has graced, and the Dreamcast is no different. It's a charming little strategic puzzler in which blocks featuring different elements (earth, wood, fire, metal etc) must be arranged in such a fashion as to remove them from the board. There's much more to it than that though, and it features some outrageously good production values for an indie game. We have covered Puzzle Battles extensively here at the Junkyard in the past and several of our team members are actually in the game and can be accessed by way of a special code - who wouldn't want to play as Aaron, complete with sombrero; or Caleb pointing an accusatory finger?!
Caleb and Aaron - bottom row, green shirt and sombrero respectively
While Wind and Water has been available as a free download for Windows since 2011, the Dreamcast version of the game has been out of stock across the internet for some time (unless you want to pay through the nose on eBay). Recently though, it has been the subject of a much-needed reprint and can be purchased - right now - for the meagre sum of €9.99 plus postage from DragonBox. Due to the recent Brexit, that probably means that UK buyers will end up paying around £75 for it, but it's worth it. Probably. This re-issue comes with the same printed inlays and manual and for the price it's a steal.
Head over to DragonBox now to order your copy of Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles.

Source: Yuan Works Dev Blog


Hao said...

Thanks for the plug! How about smuggling them into the UK? :)

Tom Charnock said...

No Problem, thanks for supporting the Dreamcast - I just bought a copy as I missed out on the original! :)

Caleb said...

I am the guy second in on the bottom line! They really got my angry eyebrows right.

Caleb said...

Since I am the only character that is pointing I have the tactical advantage over every other person except for Gagaman (Who gets a sombrero bonus)

Animated AF said...

Really nice of them to re-release this as I still feel this is probably the best indie game on the system: it definitely has the most content and passion put into it! Such a bargain price too!

OneStar said...

These guys really deserve our support. Back when they were making this game, they had BIG plans for the Dreamcast and quite a few games they wanted to make. Everyone made a big fuss about then, then nobody bought the damn game when it launched. Its such a shame too, as it's a wonderful game. It's a great puzzle game, with a lot of charm. The packaging is wonderful with a huge full color manual. After this game failed to sell at all, they basically abandoned all their Dreamcast plans.

I am so happy to see them return. I hope the DC scene really backs them up this time. We are much smaller than we were back then, but we are more dedicated to supporting indie games these days I think.

I just backed the pateron and urge anyone else to do so also. Even just a buck can go a long way if enough of us do. Xenocider failed it kickstarter, lets not let something like that happen again.

OneStar said...

Maybe we can get an interview with the Team for the site?

Also here is the Patreon, please if you can support these guys.

Unknown said...

Just ordered the puzzle bundle from them with this title and Fruit'Y for a total of about $15 including shipping to the US. You can't beat that!


UNKNOWN said...
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UNKNOWN said...
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