Brighten Up Your Dinner Table With These Dreamcast Drinks Coasters

If like me you spend a ridiculous amount of time perusing eBay for all manner of Dreamcast-related nonsense, then I'm pretty sure you'll have already seen this. If you actually have a life though, you may not have, so allow me to get to the point before I waste any more of your precious time. Time that could be spent doing something infinitely more important or interesting. Such as watching a teabag percolate in a cup of boiling water, for example. Or looking for your keys that you swear to God you left on the table in the living room but are now nowhere to be seen. Where are they?!

Yes, quite. Right. Someone's had the bright idea of putting Dreamcast box art inside perspex squares and is now selling them on eBay for £4.99 each as drinks coasters. It's a spectacularly simple idea, but it's also quite brilliant as these coasters look decent and would undoubtedly brighten up the most utterly boring of chintz-covered, best china-adorned tables.
The seller does have other coasters with art from other consoles available (PlayStation, Game Boy etc.) and the only criteria for this treatment appears to be the square dimensions of a console's boxes. Personally, I'd like to see a full size, 1:1 coaster of the big box PC edition of Doom turned into a coaster that I can rest a plate of beans on toast atop, lest I spill my juicy quarry all over the upturned fruit box I use as a makeshift table...but we can't have it all. My squalor is my curse.

You can spend £4.99 of your hard earned cash on these things by visiting the eBay store here. But please don't moan at me if it turns up and you don't like it. Cheers.


blatz42 said...
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blatz42 said...

Lol Coaster Works Coaster xD

Wonderboy said...

I'm not the only one trawling ebay for Dreamcast related tat then, good to know!