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VS Link cable now available from Dreamcast Live

Dreamcast Live's VS Link Cable
Like myself, I'm sure many of you out there have fantasised about owning the Dreamcast VS link cable for quite some time now. While only compatible with a handful of games, the thought of playing multiplayer F355 Challenge, Virtual On and more, without compromising half the screen, is enough to leave me frothing at the gash. The problem is (or rather WAS), the official and even third party Dragoncast cables are both extremely rare, usually fetching around $200 or more on eBay.
Tom Charnock playing with himself...the loser that he is.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check out Tom's previous article on the Dragoncast VS cable here.

Fortunately for us, the barrier to entry has finally been lifted thanks to the geniuses over at Dreamcast Live. Not content with releasing only the DreamPi (a method of reviving dial-up Dreamcast games' online modes), Luke Benstead, Pcwzrd and his team has finally managed to engineer a solution of their own for playing the VS Link games locally.

Their third party cables went on sale yesterday and currently go for $40 plus shipping. Admittedly, it may seem a little expensive for a cable, but compared to the other options, it's a bona-fide bargain.

If you're interested in making a purchase, head on over to their online shop where you can also pick up the aforementioned Dreampi. I've heard through the grapevine, they're currently hard at work attempting to bring back servers for NFL 2K1, WSB 2K2, Speed Devils Online and possibly even Outrigger. Keep up the good work guys. The DCJY team salutes you!

Compatible VS Link Titles
F355 Challenge
Virtual On Oratorio Tangram (J-NTSC version only)
Sega Tetris (J-NTSC version only)
Aero Dancing F
Aero Dancing I


Tom Charnock said...

Think this is well worth investigating in for the price

way2easy said...

So is it only F355 challenge that is available in english as a link title?

The 1 Ross said...

Yes, list of games is at the bottom of the page.

Kev Mason said...

1 of these, 2 DCs and 2 dual sticks now my goal.

Unknown said...

US VOOT supports it, too. The menu item is just hidden by default. Press L+R+A+Start at the title screen to unhide it.

hoogafanter said...

Ok, now we need twin sticks to make these worth something...

OneStar said...

I used to have one of the official ones, great fun.

Virtual ON is a total blast in this setup. If you can't afford the DC twin sticks, the saturn sticks work well with a "total control 3" adapter.

I saw the word "Outtrigger" and "online" and my heart jumped a bit...

Jonathan said...

This comment is a huge relief. Thank you so much!