The Dreamcast Cocktail

For a limited time (Oct 15 to Nov 14, 2018), there was a Dreamcast inspired cocktail available from Japanese Karaoke Bar chain JOYSOUND.
It was only available on the secret "back menu" - items that were unlisted and not advertised in store. You could only order one if you were "in the know" and hence forth impress all your Japanese salarymen and careerwomen buddies. It would set you back a princely 680 Yen.

And just what goes into a Dreamcast cocktail, you might ask? Let me impress you with my elite on screen character recognition software and google translate skills:

(....drum roll....)

Mandarin orange + Milk + Mandarin juice (allergy warning: contains milk).

(you probably could have guessed that from the picture)

Sadly, it contains no alcohol.

During the promotion, the drink also came with 10 Playbit points to be used on Sega smartphone games, and you could enter the draw to win 5000 Playbit points.

Even though the promotion is now over, and those Playbit points would be unavailable, I wonder whether the Joysound staff would still honour your order if you went in and tried to get a Dreamcast cocktail off the secret back menu today? Might be worth a shot if you're in town.
♫ Live and Learn! Hanging on the edge of tomorrow! ♫
So there you have it - The Dreamcast cocktail. When planning your Dreamcast 9.9.19 parties later on in the year, don't forget to pick up some mandarin juice and milk (and maybe something a little stronger).


P.S. There were also some drinks inspired by the Mega Drive and Saturn, but I'm sure you don't care about those


hoogafanter said...

Orange juice and fucking milk?!? That's so disgusting... Even my fanboyishness isn't enough to order one of those...

Animated AF said...

I wanna know the ingredients of the other two now :D

Spaceturnip said...

That Saturn one looks lovely! Not sure about milk+juice, but hey...

doceggfan said...

I'd guess that the mandarin juice is more syrupy and less tart/acidic than your typical orange juice, so it would be closer to strawberry milk than what you're imagining - but still not a great cocktail.

For those playing at home:

The Mega Drive cocktail:
Strawberry + Grape Soda + Blue lychee & Grape

The Saturn cocktail:
Kiwi fruit + Lychee Soda + Blue lychee & Grape