DeeDee Planet: Beta of Cancelled Dreamcast game Released Online!

Do you like ChuChu Rocket!? Of course you do. Anyone who has ever picked up a Dreamcast controller enjoys Sonic Team's insane grid-based space mouse puzzler. It's a classic, and for some, was an introduction into online console gaming. But not everyone is aware that ChuChu was actually supposed to be the first in a series of Dreamcast network-enabled games. The second game, DeeDee Planet was actually completed by developer Dori Dock and ready to be released, but due to a bug in the online mode, was unfortunately cancelled at the last second. Ever since then, it has remained yet another intriguing mystery in the Dreamcast's (never-ending, it seems) legacy.

PC's photo of the GD-R. Nice Ultimate Collector's Guide in the background!

But thanks to the hard work of one of the Dreamcast scene's biggest stalwarts, and our good buddy, PCWzrd13, the final beta for the game has been found. PC spent a long time trying to find anyone who worked on DeeDee Planet, and after a long search, was able to contact an individual in Japan (who won't be named for legal reasons) involved with the game. This person intended to send PC a GD-R containing the beta a year ago, but those plans were delayed due to the pandemic. But we're now a year on, and PC finally has the disc in his possession. And yes, it's been dumped online for you all to enjoy!

You can hear more about PC's journey, and watch some gameplay footage in the video below. The gameplay of DeeDee is probably most similar to that of Worms or one of those old flash tank combat games (what with its focus on projectiles and destructible terrain), except with added wacky-as-heck sci-fi flair. It has all the style and charm expected from what was to be another Sega release.

PC also supplied us with a quote from the individual who worked on the game:

"The final beta was completed, and it was exhibited at the Tokyo Game Show in 2000. Although it was reviewed in the game magazine, the shipment was cancelled just before the release.

This title was an online game. However, a bug was discovered in the network system just before shipping. This was not a creative issue for us, but a SEGA system issue. Everyone did their best. It's not anyone's fault. Back then it was the Genesis of Online Games. It's a very nostalgic story."

The part of quote that is perhaps most important to us modern Dreamcast gamers, is the bit about that pesky bug that led to the game's cancellation. PC wonders if the "SEGA system issue" means that the bug was actually server-side, as opposed to an issue the game itself. If that is the case, perhaps the whizzes at Dreamcast Live can finally get this game online, and the anonymous individual who so graciously gave this beta to PC can live happy knowing DeeDee Planet is finally being played online by adoring Dreamcast fans.

Anyway, that's all the history of DeeDee Planet I have for you today. A Mediafire link to download the GDI of the final beta can be found below. Go play it for yourself!

Download DeeDee Planet (Mediafire)


Tom Charnock said...

Love these unreleased game discoveries! Keep em coming! :)

pcwzrd13 said...

A rare Tom Charnock sighting! *snaps picture*

Anthony817 said...

So happy long lost games like this keep surfacing every few years, sometimes a few in a single year haha!This past year has been great for unreleased DC games!

Unknown said...

I wonder why Sega would never bother porting this? It's complete and at $9.99 could've easily been a moderately profitable digital release.