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Dreamcast Returns - High Res Screenshots

Following up on the previous post announcing SEGA rereleasing Dreamcast classics 'Crazy Taxi' and 'Sonic Adventure', we now have high res screens of said games! Other sites may have these, but probably not as huge as the Junkyard does. Click the images to imbiggen:

While it's unfortunate that 'Sonic Adventure' looks to be standard 4:3, it does look rather pretty and runs very smoothly according to an old leaked video. Word is that both will be available for demo at E3, and thanks to our association with SEGAbits we might be getting some video to show here at the 'Yard. Stay tuned, Dreamers!


Aripug said...

these images are wonderful...
I'm waiting for some other DC games on nextgen console :)
how much the will cost on xbla/psn? $9.99 for game?

Marcone Antelius said...

The blue border around Sonic Adventure makes me think that, rather than converting it to widescreen, someone decided to cut a corner.
Also: Shenmue! We can haz pleez?

Tom Charnock said...

Forget Shenmue...I want HD Sarge's Heroes!

Aripug said...

There are some news about the release dates?

DCbrotha said...

These look HORRIBLE! Look at all the BLACK rendering.... It looks like they have dim color resolution too like they are using a filter...... REAL Dreamcast VGA still looks BEST!