E3 News Roundup

Who knew that ten years after the launch of the Dreamcast, we'd have an E3 filled with Dreamcast releated goodies? The first of these bits comes from nuckles87, the SEGAbits E3 representative:

E3 2010: Crazy Taxi Hands-On

Aside from Shenmue and, perhaps, Sonic Adventure, Crazy Taxi is the most iconic franchise the Dreamcast every produced. So it comes as no surprise that the original game has joined Sonic Adventure as one of the first games in the Dreamcast revival SEGA is now pushing. Everyone here knows how the game plays: you play a taxi driver who drives people to far away locations in ridiculously short amounts of times, throwing every traffic law to the wind in the hopes of getting the largest fair possible from the customer.
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The second bit of news involves sequels to two great Dreamcast games: REZ and Hydro Thunder. The upcoming sequel to REZ isn't so much a sequel as it is a spiritual successor. Different name, different publisher, sure. But Tetsuya Mizuguchi (REZ, Space Channel 5) is behind it and many of REZ's elements are in place. Check out the awesome demo below featuring Mizuguchi playing the game via the 360's Kinect controller:

As you can see in the video, one hand is your gun. A grabbing motion pulls in ammo, and the player can throw it out at enemies for a blast attack. Clapping hands switches guns and your other hand fires the Vulcan cannon and auto-fires shots. The controls are definitly a step above the trance vibrator and looks to be a lot of fun! Child of Eden's release is TBA and will be hitting the 360 and PS3.

Next up is Hydro Thunder Hurricane, the sequel to the Dreamcast launch title. Check out the trailer below for old memories with stunning new graphics:

This sequel/remake will be hitting the 360's downloadable marketplace this summer!

Finally, I saved the best for last! I'll leave you with a quote from President of SEGA West Mike Hayes. When asked how many Dreamcast titles we can expect to have on XBLA and PSN by next summer, Mike replied:

We hope to have somewhere between 18 to 24. Around that.



Aripug said...

Great news!!!
I will wait all these games :)
i'm really curios to know what are the other dreamcast title that will be released on xbla & psn...

Barry the Nomad said...

According to a SEGA rep, they're paying close attention to their facebook page and a specific post asking for fans to share the titles they'd like to see. JSR, Shenmue 1 and SC5 are at the top of the list.

Some bad news: Crazy Taxi will not have the Offspring or Bad Religion music tracks.

Some good news: The 360 can play custom soundtracks during gameplay, so there is still a workaround.

Eyz said...

Crazy Taxi without Offspring and Bad Religion!! Blasphemy!
(why I hate the PC ports of CT!)

But at least there's the custom tracks.
Though the transition won't be as smooth as in the actual original CT games...
(+ original tracks often plays with less sound in games..)

Oh well, I can still play the originals anyway :P

Anonymous said...
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