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Virtua Fighter 5 Has a Dreamcast!

Looks like cheetah print bandannas won't be the coolest accessories to be found in the latest and last version of 'Virtua Fighter 5'. Players of the upcoming game will have the opportunity to buy a Dreamcast, Saturn and Mega Drive to wear on the characters backs. For added awesomeness, the consoles prices match what they were when the consoles launched in Japan. Of course, you'll be buying them with in-game currency rather than yen.

In celebration of this event, I'd like to present three other SEGA games that featured characters wearing Dreamcast consoles.

The Cast of Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram

The Agents in Typing of the Dead

That Big Purple E-series Boss in Sonic Adventure

 [Source: SEGAbits]


Tom Charnock said...

I'd happily wear a Dreamcast on my back if it didn't come with the risk of having a brick thrown at my head!

OatBob said...

Dreamcast on the back? Because of the 'host' service they area already wearing suits, now all they need is the keyboards and you can look like you're from "Typing of the Dead".