Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi officially announced for digital download

by nuckles87 at SEGAbits

UPDATE: Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi themed pages have taken over the front page. I feel like it's 1999 all over again!

SEGA has just, finally, officially announced that Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi will be coming to the Xbox Live and Playstation Network services later this year. But more then that, apparently these games will be the first in a slew of Dreamcast games that are going to be made available on the service!

The games will be incorporating all new features including HD visuals, leader boards, achievements/trophies, and surround sound. The games will be at E3, so expect coverage from SegaBits and Sonic Stadium!

These games are expected to launch this autumn.

Source: SEGA Blog & SEGAbits


Aripug said...

This is a FANTASTIC news!!!! FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!

Cristian Espinoza said...

Unreal...can't wait for these classics!! All hail the Undead console!!

João Gomes said...

Good stuff in here.

zilti said...

Really great!
But the killer-question: Does Crazy Taxi have the original sound track?

thomcastles said...

This will be the first downloadable game I'll ever purchase. Can't wait to play Sonic Adventure, as long as its the original

james42519 said...

yeah are these the dreamcast versions or the remade one on gamecube/ps2?