10th Anniversary Competition: Bonus Stage - In Association With Play-Asia.com

***Competition Now Closed***

Earlier in 2015 we celebrated the Junkyard's 10th year in existence with a series of three competitions in which entrants could win a limited edition Dreamcast Collection vinyl record. These were supplied by our good friends at Sega Europe and the triumvirate of triumphant winners produced the goods when it mattered. Competition 1 was won by James Steel for his awesome Dreamcast montage, competition 2 was won by Ricardo Almeida for guessing all the games, and competition 3 was won by João Borba for his outstanding time attack performance in Sega Rally 2. Rounds of applause were initiated, party poppers were pulled and everyone had a jolly old time. Huzzah!

The thing is, the actual 10th anniversary of this hallowed blog occurs on the 7th of December and we thought it was worth celebrating the momentous occasion with another competition. A bonus stage, if you will. And so, with the help of online super store Play-Asia.com, we are very excited to announce that we're wheeling out the bunting for one last time. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to The Dreamcast Junkyard 10th Anniversary Competition: Bonus Stage!
Once again, massive thanks to Play-Asia.com for supplying the prizes for this celebration of all things Dreamcast. If you're not familiar with Play-Asia.com then you must have been living under a particularly large rock for the last decade, as they are probably the number one retailer (and now publisher) of new, independent Dreamcast games anywhere on the planet. Want proof? Go here and look at the selection on offer. Not only that, but Play-Asia.com is regarded as one of the best sources for Japanese games and merchandise across a whole range of other systems too, not just the Dreamcast.

So what are we asking you to do, and what do you stand to win should you follow our instructions correctly? Good question(s). Come with me on a journey, a journey through time and space back to those heady days of June and competition 2. It was a 'guess the games' type thing where I cropped a load of screens from Dreamcast games and then you lot had to guess which ones. Remember? Excellent. Well, this time we're going with a similar theme, but rather than have you look at images taken from the TV this time we want you to look at the humble dot matrix of the VMU and decipher the games! The images aren't cropped (we wouldn't be that harsh!) but it won't be easy. All we want you to do is scroll through the pictures below and tell us which games the 25 numbered VMU images are from. It really couldn't be simpler!
What can you expect in return for your trouble? Well, thanks to Play-Asia.com this competition won't have just one first prize - it'll have two. Furthermore, there'll also be three runners up too. Which means you have a 1 in 5 chance of bagging a prize! Good eh? These are they:

2 x 1st Prizes of Redux + Dux 1.5 + a copy of The DCJY Ultimate Collectors Guide
3 x Runners Up Prizes of Dux 1.5 + a copy of The DCJY Ultimate Collectors Guide

Not bad for nothing eh?! Anyway as stated, all you need to do is look at the pictures and then tell us what each game is. Lay out your answers in a numbered list and send them in an email to admin@thedreamcastjunkyard.co.uk with the subject line 'Happy 10th Birthday DCJY!'
Winners will be drawn at random from all of the correct entries and the winners will be announced on our birthday, Monday 7th December 2015...just in time for Christmas. In the event that less than 5 people get all of the games correct (very likely!), the five entrants with the next best number of correct answers will win, and the top two will be drawn at random from those.

Good luck, loyal Dreamcasters and don't forget to visit Play-Asia.com for more Dreamcast-related swag than you can shake a slightly bent candy cane at!

Rules: Entry closes at midnight on  5th December 2015 GMT (that's UK time) and it's only one entry per person so don't try and enter multiple times. The wall of PlayStation 2s that make up the super computer running the 'Yard will know if you try to cheat. Did I type that out loud? The competition is open to anyone and everyone, it doesn't matter which country you live in. We will post your prize anywhere. Please include your name and country of residence on your entry. It may take a while for your prize to arrive depending on where you live due to the Christmas post so please bear that in mind. DCJY's decision is final, no correspondence will be entered into, please enjoy your flight. And special thanks to Play-Asia.com for supplying the prizes - head over there now for more top deals!


antech said...

Is it bad that i only recognize like 3 of these? its bad isn't it... *sigh*

Tom Charnock said...

That is pretty bad. Haha! Have a go anyway, you never know - you might be the only entrant!

antech said...

Yeah i really need to start expanding my library of DC games

Unknown said...

This isn't exactly a properly thought out contest as I can tell that the VMU images mix PAL, NTSC and NTSC-J games and their VMU readouts. Unless you own the entire Dreamcast library and console(s) without region restrictions this contest will be an impossibility.

I own nearly 200 NTSC Dreamcast games and multiple of those are completely unfamiliar to me.

Tom Charnock said...

Plenty of other people who have entered found it perfectly well thought out. Maybe it's time you broadened your library. I actually find it quite insulting that something I took time and effort over is flippantly described as 'not well thought out.'

Unknown said...

I'm not saying it's not well thought out in the capacity of a concept, but in the capacity of being realistic that anyone is going to complete it. There's over 700 Dreamcast games, that's 700+ VMU readouts.

If this were for like something with a value of a few hundred dollars I can see people spending hours maybe even days on end scouring the Internet to try and figure this out, but for what the prize is I doubt it's going to happen.

I'm not trying to attack you here so don't take this the wrong way, I just find this to be an exercise in futility.

Tom Charnock said...

It's just a bit of fun. You don't need to get them all correct - have a crack at the ones you know and sent 'em in. You probably know more than you think. And if you do win a prize, I will personally sign the book which will increase it's value exponentially haha :)

xanderten50 said...

I think it's a great competition :) that said, some of the Jap titles (especially no. 2) are a case of "you either know it or you don't"! But I'll give it my best shot regardless :D