Space Channel 5 Tankōbon Guide Book

Space Channel 5 is the epitome of acquired taste when it comes to Dreamcast games. You either love the ultra-camp aesthetic of Ulala's dancerific battle against the invading Morolians, or you cringe so hard your face literally turns inside out. I fall into the latter category sadly, but I still recognise the appeal of a game that is basically a rhythm-action game with tweeness taken to the Nth degree.

As with many Dreamcast games, Space Channel 5 enjoyed a glut of merchandise - especially in Japan, and recently I was lucky enough to stumble upon the Space Channel 5 Tankōban Guide Book.
ISBN 4-575-16207-8
Rather than simply being a guide to the game's stages like a lot of western guide books are, this Japanese exclusive is more of a bookazine complete with a sheet of stickers on the back page. It also features character guides, instructions on how to draw Ulala, how to make your own Morolian out of an old t-shirt (no, really - see gallery below), and what I can only guess is fan art. I say 'guess' because my knowledge of Japanese is about as good as my knowledge of quantum physics: non-existent. Here's the gallery (click the little camera icon in the bottom left to access full-screen):


Knifetotheeye said...

Very nice!!

Midor said...

I want drawn my own morolian!